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Placemats and Doormats


Placemats and Doormats

“The city he wakes up in is never the same. It gets hard to count the days with only stars to lead the way, and in his heart of gold he knows this has to change. ”
~Asking Alexandria

Drawing Sneakers Colorful Sports Shoes

Placemats and doormats placed before the exits and entrances of experiences.
Feeding to allow more, or feeding to live.
Before we exit do we even enter, or wipe our feet?
Should we take off our shoes, or is it rude to leave them on?

To be present in the situation.
To know that more and more people don’t even consider what the host desires.
Entering into conversations before realizing they are talking to themselves.
And then the crowd goes silent as you realize you are in the wrong house.

Are you sure paying attention is your strong suite?
Is it a hobby that you claim and let it sit by the wayside?
Do you practice what you preach?
Or do you enter into homes and dirty up the placemats eating someone else’s food?

We move forward without taking the time to understand where we are going.
The door mat is squeaky clean because we always forget to wipe our shoes.
An action that comes after hearing half baked truths and eating half baked apple pie.
Getting sick from under cooked  information that said 3 hours on medium and you cooked 1 hour on high.

These experience should be used to teach and to learn.
Yet we only regurgitate information that we heard from our cousins second son’s best friend.
When we decided that doing our own research was just too hard.
A long history of bad choices and taking the easy way out.

But here we are, shoes dirty and still not realizing this house is wrong.
We are never slowing down to listen and belong.
We are forgetting to take action when the information is strong.
And we somehow don’t understand why everything is going, oh so very wrong.


The Truth Still Remains…

My heart is breaking.
My eyes are sweating.
The fibers of my being are crying out.
With a simple message in my heart… I miss you.

Today is a good day.
Nothing is wrong.
Nothing has gone astray.
But the truth still remains… I miss you.

I see a family visiting family.
I see a friend moving away.
I found out I will miss them when I get back on a Sunday.
Even if that will be a glorious day.

A sorrow has gripped my throat.
A friend has gone back home.
Happiness is not enough,
For this feeling to go away.

There is this simple truth in the air.
It’s a good one I swear.
It hurts to be this far.
It hurts because we are close.

I miss you more than a shepard losing his flock.
I miss you because you left.
I miss you because you are not here.
I miss you because right now I wish to be there.

I miss you.
And I think that means I have love in my heart.
A love for my family and my friends.
Friends that I consider my family.

I miss you.
But more importantly know that I love you,
And I am here for you.
Even if I am miles and miles away.

My heart is breaking.
My eyes are sweating
The fibers of my being are crying out.
With a simple message in my heart… I miss you.

Morning Sickness

“Every lament is a love song.” ~Switchfoot

He stands on the edge of his mind and his heart.
Largely distracted by what is going on around him, and what is going on inside. 
Which one will win?
He knows, but he doesn't feel like telling and one. 

A morning sickness that has nothing to do with pregnancy.
A sickness developed from opening his eyes and realizing he is alive.
Stricken to his sheets, the ones that feel like home.
For the floor is lava and o scary to venture into alone.

Ducking and diving in and out.
Avoiding the fire that's coming from all around him.
The gun sight is set to his heart and others to his head.
One good shot and everything goes away, from them or even from the one he is carrying.

But the truth is he doesn't want this to be the case.
I don't think any of us really do.
But sometimes this world seems to be too much, and all he wants is to be somewhere else.
With someone who will never forsake him.

He sits alone on the porch that looks out into the yard.
A storm is brewing and the lightening is coming at regular intervals.
The wind picks up and the trees start to sway to the beat.
Clap clap, bang bang, flash flash...boom. 

His funeral is tomorrow and not an eye is dry.
Closed casket in the morning and sandwiches with aunts in the afternoon.
"We should get together more often." They will say.
"What an awful way to get the family together."

Leaving behind the mother and the father.
A part of the world ripped away by one single act.
Friends that loved  him, now on the floor wondering what they could have done better.
Wondering what they could have done to help him fly...