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The More We Learn the Less We Care

We rise and we fall.
We go under; we come back up.
A slow passing of time.
A break neck speed of events.

It never ends.
We keep on going while the clock is clicking.
We keep on moving while it ticks and tocks all day.
It never stops and asks us if we need to rest.

A little smile to the left; a little cry to the right.
Anxiety is behind me, and true love hopefully in front.
But he doesn’t necessarily think it includes him.
But if it does he hopes that it includes a wrist guard.

This time I am going to be kind to time.
For the more we learn the less we care.
The more we care the more we can learn.
As time marches on to more beginnings and endings.

It returns to the earth and ends up crying out.
When time ends and reclaims its former glory.
A semblance of control diminishes,
When we realize it is out of our hands.

At least it helps when you are the only one with headphones on.
Blocking out the noise that fills the air.
Marching forward and not looking back.
Learning as much as I can; trying to care a bit more.

But he tries a little too hard sometimes.
With a reach to the sky; a certain sparkle that’s left his eye.
A sore heart ready for another.
He breathes a bit harder these days.

But I am here with my jacket in my hands.
Ready to jump a little further today.
Maybe this time I will make it into the pool.
But if I don’t at least it was a thrill until the end.

And there he is too afraid to even jump.
Too afraid to learn that going up is the same as going down.
I hope the example is enough to hobble him along.
A little push into the new canon he could bring to his life.

We rise and we fall.
We go under; we come back up.
A slow passing of time.
A break neck speed of events.

We rise and we fall.
We dig a little deeper; we reach a little higher.
A snails speed passing us by.
A bullet train that ends up piercing our hearts.
A goodbye bleeding into hello.
As this clock ticks real slow.


Slow Down and Take a Deep Breath

“Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are. ”     ~Jon Foreman

Slow Down!

Activating prior knowledge to understand the things running in your head.
Damaging the psyche of your soul,
By displaying negative thoughts throughout your heart.
And despising what is underneath because you feel it is not good enough.

It’s interesting to point out that you make a mistake and then fix it,
But for some reason it just takes you back to a mistake further in your past.
I wish that you can overcome the mistakes that plague you,
To move forward and realize you are worth more than you know.

Take it into account that we are all human and are far from perfect.
We make mistakes and we pass it onto ourselves.
Time and time again we learn to answer questions we already know the answers, too.
But lessons that good, deserve to be learned time and time again.

Slow down and take a breath.
Put into perspective what is happening and what you are worth.
Don’t let your failures persuade you from who you really are.
Slow down and take a breath.
And remember that you have so many around you who care more than you know.

Mediocre Life

Won’t you climb high and shower some correction on me? Don’t you dare disguise your colorful predictions are clear.    ~Fair


~Mediocre Life~


I am living tonight.
I am going to be the best man I can be.
Look at that cliché.
I love it.

Equal parts majestic and striking.
Glorious illusions of happiness versus hardship.
Fallacies coming from the very place I call home.
I was built for more than this mediocre life.

Let me look for introductions to the other side.
Introductions to faith, love, and happiness.
Epilogues that bleed into new beginnings.
Laced with a drug that feels more like medicine.

I am built for more than this mediocre life.
I am built for hope.
I am built for redemption.
I am to be me and release the sideways stature of a man searching for an answer.

I stand at a crossroad.
They always say to choose left or right.
I say, “I choose neither.”
I will step off the path and forge a new one.

For I am worth more than mediocrity.
I wish to defend the defenseless.
Help the hopeless and realize that life is worth living.
Hope is decided when the player starts the game.

Dear child please stand up, so you can be more than what they call you.
For you deserve more than this mediocre life.
Dear child let your life be a guide post to all who wish to see.
For you are more than a speck in the universe.
You are uniquely you.


Only Time Will Tell

Time is illusion. Time is a curse. Time is all these things and worse, but our time is now. Let us sing before our time runs out. ~Jon Foreman

Only Time Will Tell


You had me at, “Hello.”
But I guess that is not really true.
You had me when you walked in.
But once again it might have been before that.

I take steps to ensure that I am me.
I take steps towards a truth that shines through.
And maybe that is what it takes.
To get to a place where you had me before you walked into the door.

Relying on more than personal strength.
Trusting in the truth.
Trusting in love.
Trusting in a life worth living for.

To get to a place where I know the moment is there.
The moment where I find out what it means to meet my mortal forever.
A decision that isn’t made, but found.
You had me before you walked in.

Defining my life based on what was given to me.
Defining my time on what I am involved in.
Striving to be me every moment of the day.
Maybe, just maybe this is what it takes to to be at a place…

A place in my world where you had me before you walked in the door.
A, “Hello” that doesn’t have a, “Goodbye”.
A, “Hello” that changes the course of a heart.
A place where I say, “Hello” back.
A place where I say,”Hello my name is destiny, it is nice to meet you.” 

Is that day coming? 
Only time will tell.