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A Dwelling Place

“My heartbeat, my oxygen, my banner, my home, my future, my song, your hope is the anthem of my soul.” ~Switchfoot


There is more to now than what is coming next.
Or what happened before the moment.
But we dwell on such things instead of wondering what is happening at this present moment.
Answering the questions of the past to try and determine our futures.

It is not wrong to think ahead, or learn from the past.
I encourage it daily.
The problem is sometimes we put more stock into who we are…
And forget to see where we’re at.

The person I am now is not the same as the one before.
Maybe I grew up, maybe I went backwards.
All I know is I am here and I am alive.
I am holding onto the hope that was placed upon my heart.

When I think to hard about what my mind used to call home,
I reject all the good that has happened since.
I retreat to a mindset that I have no desire to revisit.
I am not that person anymore and I need to leave the past where it belongs.

When I try to see passed the next five minutes, I start to see what I have not done.
“I have failed.” I say.
“Why am I single, why is no one there by my side?”
But God has a plan, and right now is where He wants me to be at.

I put too much stock into what I have not done.
I put too much stock into who I have been.
I should be happy with the now.
Happy with the man God has currently shaped me to be.

Thoughts brought on by reality.
Togetherness equals strength.
Family is more than an emotional crutch.
And hope is the desire of the past to the present, and to the future of all that I will do.


An Overpass Psalm

“We drove right past the exit, and nobody said a thing. Cause the light in your eyes they started dancing for my brain.” ~Lydia

~An Overpass Psalm~

Here we sit on the overpass watching cars fly by and wondering where they might be going.
Are they on their way or coming back?
The rainbow of colors collide into our eyes. 
No boundaries set before them, just a kaleidoscope of chroma spiriting down the street.

A drink in hand, a friend by my side, we watch as others lives pass us by.
We took the high road and they are down below.
Smiling and talking being merry when we have no reason to other than that we are together.
Sitting up on higher ground with a different vantage point than all the others.

Singing songs that bless my soul.
Looking into the eyes of people whom love comes naturally.
Sitting on the overpass with a friend that hopefully won’t leave.
Knowing that they will be there even when…

A life bleeds to be set free.
A pregnancy that will make a family three.
A man who had one drink too many.
And a woman who deserves to be paid a much prettier penny.  

Here we are living lives that may or may not be contributing to the theory of fate.
The intersecting paths that come with the territory of self-control.
And the charms made towards a love.
Or a friendship that may not be blood, but we describe as brothers and sisters.

Singing songs that bless my soul.
Looking into the eyes of people whom distress comes naturally.
Sitting on the overpass with a friend that more than likely will remain.
Knowing that they will be there even when…

The pain takes a name.
With a target placed upon another’s’ story.
Life that imitates death.
And a death that wishes it still had life.

Here we are on the overpass talking and laughing.
Glancing down to the world below.
Knowing that our friendship is still in tow.
Wondering whether the cars that drive on that road know…

That they are allowed to sing songs that could bless their souls.
And look into the eyes of people who are real and not fake.
They could be with us sitting on the overpass high.
Knowing that we will all be there tracing memories and futures together, and that is no lie. .


Your growing imagination preparing you for what your heart requires to say.
~Haste the Day


Equal parts fiction and reality.
I look through these eyes and I see a world full of possibilities.
A cynic walking through a field full of flowers.
An optimist running through a war-torn field.

It is an understanding that what we have in this life is not the end.
I want more than what I can carry.
I need more than this half full or half empty cup.
I wish to be overfilled, so I can give back.

It is necessary for me to lend a helping hand.
My heart wouldn’t be able to take it if I didn’t try.
The struggle is between my sense of reality and the desire to please everybody.
It is a blessing and a curse.

I don’t do enough for myself.
I look past my own thoughts and feelings.
I want more for everyone else that I am blind to me.
God please let me e able to see me.

On the other hand I am better.
I have struggled and I have won.
Not by my own hand, but by God’s.
This life is not my own, it was brought to me by the One who made me.

I wish to be overflowing.
Overflowing for you.
Overflowing for myself.
Please take my hand and let me be the better version of me.