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Slow Down and Take a Deep Breath

“Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are. ”     ~Jon Foreman

Slow Down!

Activating prior knowledge to understand the things running in your head.
Damaging the psyche of your soul,
By displaying negative thoughts throughout your heart.
And despising what is underneath because you feel it is not good enough.

It’s interesting to point out that you make a mistake and then fix it,
But for some reason it just takes you back to a mistake further in your past.
I wish that you can overcome the mistakes that plague you,
To move forward and realize you are worth more than you know.

Take it into account that we are all human and are far from perfect.
We make mistakes and we pass it onto ourselves.
Time and time again we learn to answer questions we already know the answers, too.
But lessons that good, deserve to be learned time and time again.

Slow down and take a breath.
Put into perspective what is happening and what you are worth.
Don’t let your failures persuade you from who you really are.
Slow down and take a breath.
And remember that you have so many around you who care more than you know.

A Dwelling Place

“My heartbeat, my oxygen, my banner, my home, my future, my song, your hope is the anthem of my soul.” ~Switchfoot


There is more to now than what is coming next.
Or what happened before the moment.
But we dwell on such things instead of wondering what is happening at this present moment.
Answering the questions of the past to try and determine our futures.

It is not wrong to think ahead, or learn from the past.
I encourage it daily.
The problem is sometimes we put more stock into who we are…
And forget to see where we’re at.

The person I am now is not the same as the one before.
Maybe I grew up, maybe I went backwards.
All I know is I am here and I am alive.
I am holding onto the hope that was placed upon my heart.

When I think to hard about what my mind used to call home,
I reject all the good that has happened since.
I retreat to a mindset that I have no desire to revisit.
I am not that person anymore and I need to leave the past where it belongs.

When I try to see passed the next five minutes, I start to see what I have not done.
“I have failed.” I say.
“Why am I single, why is no one there by my side?”
But God has a plan, and right now is where He wants me to be at.

I put too much stock into what I have not done.
I put too much stock into who I have been.
I should be happy with the now.
Happy with the man God has currently shaped me to be.

Thoughts brought on by reality.
Togetherness equals strength.
Family is more than an emotional crutch.
And hope is the desire of the past to the present, and to the future of all that I will do.

Today is my Birthday

“You say I’m a loser in the background. I can never seem to get it right, but I’m learning my worth is more than your word.” ~Beartooth


Today is my birthday and I am a bit different than the others around me.
My mentality is a bit stricken when in the presence of people.
A comfortable state that doesn’t come naturally to me.
Like stumbling over words around those that used to care.

On the outside looking in for most of my days,
But I am okay with it now,
But for a time it was all that I could do not to scream at me being me.
As for the now who knows if I have truly moved on?

Insecure and walking through crowds that decide if I am being social enough.
I never felt like gravitating towards a specific side.
Rather longing for long stretches of imagining just who I am.
And failing enough times to last a couple lifetimes.

Failure is not over, I am sure.
For in life you fail.
How you get back up is what truly defines you.
How you act in the face of success could be a bit more telling.

I just wonder if I will one day find out for myself if that is true.
I’ll take my little victories and insecurities.
My typecast role that I fight against.
Or the face that is beautiful but is so far away, even if it is right next to me.

For the meaning of me is the meaning of hope.
A rise to the bottom wondering if I will ever get to the top.
My soul crying out for water that means more than any human soul.
Let me dry out my hands while reaching out.

Today is my birthday, and what do I have to say?
Should I tell of great accomplishments, or just go on with my day.
Should I tell of my angst that still presides since I was 16?
Today is my birthday, and I think I may be worth more than what my mind tells me.

I am a person that justifies myself by a wandering eye.
A hand that I use to reach high and employ to cry out to the other side.
A hand held out to anyone who needs what I wish to have.
And a person I long to be.

For today is my birthday,
And I guess it is a reflective type of day.
My hope anchored in my heart of hearts.
Knowing I have a long road to go.
Knowing that I have those around that remind me that I am not always alone.

A Hopeful Innocence

“I wish the world was flat like the old days, then I could travel just by folding a map. No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways. There’d be no distance that could hold us back.”  ~Death Cab for Cutie



When we were young a sunset would be all we needed to be amazed.
The simplicity of the events that unfolded in front of our eyes.
A book being read to us by a parental unit or guardian angel.
An innocence that slowly gets stripped away as we learn what is out there.

I want to keep my innocence,
My alibis that let me glimpse the other side.
I want my eyes to be wide eyed and innocent.
Seeing things as if I was a child, for the very first time.

When we were young everything wasn’t always fine,
But we knew someone would be there to make it better.
A kiss on the knee would make the pain go away.
A blind trust in our nurturer that slowly fades when we realize how this world actually works.

I don’t want to be naive, strung out, stupid, or dumb,
But I want to be innocent set apart, finding joy in the simple things.
Like a smile from a friend when I compliment their hair,
Or a joyful noise celebrating nothing at all but the fact we are in this together.

I want to slowly find my innocence again.
To drive out the cynic and embrace a more rounded view.
One that is not driven by my failures,
But one that revolves around finding the spark that everyone has, but many are hiding.

Laying on my back alone doesn’t have to be sad.
I could look up at the stars and know I am being shined upon.
Even in the loneliness, companionship can be found.
As the stars fall around me and I make a thousand and one wishes for you and for me.

When we were young our motivations were so small.
When we were young our motivations might have actually been bigger than the ones we have today.
When we were young the world seemed so big.
And now as I sit here alone it just feels small.

I want, I want, I want innocence at least one more time.
I wish, I wish, I wish for chances to show that I am not always a cynic.
Hope is the through-line of the stories I tell you.
To have and to hold it can change the world around you.

Grasp onto hope, and let it shine as a beacon into the night.
A lighthouse for my harbor to help you find your way home.
One of these days it will bring somebody in.
For now I have the spark that I have been uncovering slowly, in preparation for the day that it is you and me.



Being Afraid of God

“If God is smaller than my fears, then He is not God. But it’s not just with our doubts and fears, it’s with so many other areas of our life as well. We think God can’t handle the truth of who we are so we make Him smaller than He really is.” ~Jon Foreman


You see, I am a man that is scared of God.
I am terrified of His voice.
I decide it is better to be stranded in the dessert than accept the water.
You see, I am fearful but not out of reverence but genuine fear.

That is not to say I do not revere.
He is my creator, my maker.
He is the one that gives me life and meaning.
Yet when I stare Him in the eye I must look away because I am scared what He has to say.

I am so aware of my own humanity that I forget that I have a man who saved me.
At the same time I never forget His love, I am just frightened that He will stop loving me.
Because I have no understanding of why He loves me so.
I am a lowly man that has more vices than good qualities.

I target my prayers to fix what is broken.
I lock onto a subject and ask for the answer instead of worshiping the man, my Savior.
For He is the reason I keep on trying.
Even when I fail and fall flat on the floor.

I try and I try but my way is not the same.
It is not the same as the One who gave it all.
I told you that this ends now, the anxiety, the hurt, and I meant it,
But right now I finally think I am ready to face my fear.

For God I am terrified of you.
I am scared of your love, of your forgiveness, of your loving-kindness.
I am frightened that a God who has no reason to Love me does.
I am so terrified I, but I am ready to look you in the eye and quiet possibly be a better me.

Locked into a different way of thinking for my own is failing me.
God I am on my knees, I am praying for more than an answer.
I am praying for my well being, my death, my resurrection, my reluctance to come to you.
I am a broken man and I know it.

I wish to breathe and to take your hand instead of wanting to drown.
I am too comfortable with my anxiety, my comfort of drowning in this tablespoon of water.
It gives me comfort to know that this pain is my normal.
But here I am Lord laying out before you to take me to a place where I have a comfort other than my own insecurities.

A child reaching out his hand through the thorns.
A child wanting to grow.
A face that senses the fear of the unknown.
A chance to let go and let the faith of the child shine through.

The Dream that Never Ends

“There is a part in everyday, where I lie to myself and say that it’s okay. ‘Cause if I don’t I think I’ll go insane, but the truth is I only have myself to blame.” ~The Spill Canvas


I pinch myself to wake up from the dream that I have been dreaming every night and throughout the day.
The one that tells me that I may not be okay.
It is a dream where the protagonist is the antagonist, and the answer is hidden in another’s dream.
For my own is not sufficient these days.

I never wake up and I never let myself try to turn away.
Sleep is the constant that enters in like a poison.
Or goes down in my personal history as a conquering feat of strength.
The normal is never normal and the strange is a little to normal for my taste.

It takes a step backwards to see the path that I have placed myself.
But that path is  not the one that needs to be traveled upon.
The dream to my right, the one I have no control over is the path of love, by Love.
It answers me in my dreams the one that I never seem to wake up from.

Kindness is one side of a coin that I subscribe to.
Disdain is the other side and I don’t wish to flip the coin over.
I wish to throw it in a fountain making a wish that could turn into a prayer.
I wonder what side will be up when it reaches the bottom of the water?

I don’t mean to come off self loathing, but sometimes that is the only way for me to understand what I am even saying.
I would rather come off as hopeful and decide when I need to create a better persona for myself.
But the dreams that are constant do not let me have this luxury.
Maybe I need to take two steps back instead of one, or I need to realize that God has no desire for me to not like me?

Considering that I deserve nothing, but somehow I am loved speaks volumes.
And when the end is in sight since the day I was born, you would think that motivation to do better would come easy.
Sadly this is not the case.
For when I am down the dream withers and shows me the decay of the day.

I pinch myself to wake up from the dream that I have been dreaming every night and throughout the day.
The one that tells me that I may not be okay.
It is a dream where the protagonist is the antagonist, and the answer is hidden in another’s dream.
For my own is not sufficient these days.

“I’m stuck here wide awake in the wake of bad news. We know now what’s at stake, and I’m scared too. You know I can’t take naps cause they end in panic attacks. I can’t play video games cause I always end up depressed… Most days are bad days. We can’t wait for someone to pull me off of the concrete…I can’t believe I got this weak.” ~The Wonder Years

The Man May Need More Sleep

“This long struggle finally opened up my eyes. Revolutions not easy with a Civil War on the inside. No need to hide anymore, can’t return to who I was before. I can finally breathe suddenly alive. I can finally move cause I realized…The world feels revived.” ~Anberlin


Horrid visions enter into the subconscious mind.
A man who has it all and doesn’t know what to do with it.
A man who decided this world was not worth it.
But he went about it the wrong way.

The mind plays tricks when you rely on what it tells you.
And if you rely solely on the heart it makes your feelings seem that they are the be all.
Vivid dreaming whether or not you go with the head or the heart.
Anger that comes along with the waking morning sun streaming through the window.

Guess what?
I’ve been angry for all the wrong reasons.
When she smiles and offers up an olive branch I get mad and decide to stay away.
Then the dream comes and the fix is nowhere to be seen in this scenario.

The more I sleep the more I can delve into the mind.
While I am awake I see the heart for what it is.
I am not sure what I prefer.
All I know is I wish and pray for this anger to go the way of the sea.

Hello, good friend are you ready to talk?
Hello, good friend are you my enemy now?
Goodbye, best friend I guess you had nothing to say.
Hello, new friend would you like to start again?

The sand of an hourglass does not go on forever.
It must be turned and then the flow of time begins anew.
Whether that sand is purple or blue, I need to turn it before my time runs out.
I must turn it before the alarm goes off in my head and it is time for bed.

So much is passing through my fingers.
And when I do grasp onto something I am not sure what to do with it.
Like a dog chasing his tail my goal sometimes seems pointless.
But other times it is clear, and that usually happens when I look to Him.

Indignation towards my place in life, and not giving credit where credit is due.
Thinking with my feelings and feeling with my mind.
A messed up distortion that craves this pique to survive.
Hands that grip so tight that it forgets to open back up when the time is right.

Hello? God… are you there?
Hello? Love…did you disappear?
Where did you go? Or better yet why do I run when I find you?
Hello? Insecurity…did you…oh, wait you never leave.

Boiling and spilling over.
Dreaming dreams meant for someone else.
Holding onto a feeling that could go to the sea if I had time to breathe.
But six days a week doesn’t let you come up for air long enough to breathe in deep.

The lack of oxygen causes these horrid dreams,
Of a man who has it all yet still doesn’t believe he has a soul.
Wishing to fight an angel, but finding the devil instead.
The man who decided long ago that he is not meant for this world.

Falling down and reaching up at the same time.
Looking for hope in all the wrong places and finding it in the right ones.
A lifelong effort to seek the truth…and looking for more than a feeling of good fortune.
God are you there? Oh, Hello  there you are. Please, I beg of thee…please stay near.