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Easily Offended

See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts. The grays instead of the whites and the blacks. If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back. We’re selling the news. ¬†~Switchfoot


He’s on track for something beautiful.
A letdown that is described as genius.
Taking out those that offended him today.
But you know… his feelings were hurt because you glanced his way…
So it is okay.

Trudging around and taking names.
Knowing he is part of the group that will live to complain another day.
Thank God a joke was made I have something to get angry at.
Crap, everyone is being so nice, they must be hiding something… time to get upset.

Jumping to conclusions before asking questions.
Knowing answers before letting anyone speak.
This is the way of life for a lot of those around me.
The golden age of technology muddled by disarray.

When the facts are pushed to the side for an answer based on feelings.
Or being tolerant by breaking the others head.
Using the heart to justify all walks of life.
And having no limit on what is considered right.

But you know it is okay.
I’ll keep on living anyway.
Well maybe not,
If they deem my life not to be right…

You know what?
I’ll go on and live despite what they say.
Because I have a right to seek after what I think is right.
Even if it flies into the faces of the easily offended and trite.




She’s in Love with Chaos

“She was a wreck. but he loved her. She was a wreck, but so was he.” ~Copeland



It looks like a heartache waiting to happen.
When the phone hits the floor and she is left alone.
The other line dead and the voice has stopped.
And the drumming from her head is working harder than her heart.

She’s in love with chaos.
The ups and the downs.
The lefts that are actually rights, her mind begging to be found.
She’s in love with chaos.
The unknown, is the start of her disorganization alone.

Picking up the pieces and moving one.
Going from one phone to another waiting to belong.
Not trying to hard to sing a better song.
All she does is wait for heartache, to become her white and black swan.

She’s in love with chaos.
The deaf tones of awkward lies.
The messed up deliveries of sought after lines.
She’s in love with chaos.
With her mind, taking deep breaths and taking names that she must find.

Sectioned off and in the crowd.
Determined for more than a sour sound.
But not giving it enough effort or follow through.
The choice is hers, even though she’ll never limit herself to a few.

She’s in love with chaos.
The ups and the downs.
The lefts that are actually rights, marked with hearts waiting to be found.
She’s in love with chaos.
Heartbreak brought on, by late night phone calls and luck based falls.

She’s in love with chaos.
And the Lord knows…
That one day maybe her eyes will see the light being shown.
She’s in love with chaos and the rest.
For one moment she breaks and finally passes a test.

The Man May Need More Sleep

“This long struggle finally opened up my eyes. Revolutions not easy with a Civil War on the inside. No need to hide anymore, can’t return to who I was before. I can finally breathe suddenly alive. I can finally move cause I realized…The world feels revived.” ~Anberlin


Horrid visions enter into the subconscious mind.
A man who has it all and doesn’t know what to do with it.
A man who decided this world was not worth it.
But he went about it the wrong way.

The mind plays tricks when you rely on what it tells you.
And if you rely solely on the heart it makes your feelings seem that they are the be all.
Vivid dreaming whether or not you go with the head or the heart.
Anger that comes along with the waking morning sun streaming through the window.

Guess what?
I’ve been angry for all the wrong reasons.
When she smiles and offers up an olive branch I get mad and decide to stay away.
Then the dream comes and the fix is nowhere to be seen in this scenario.

The more I sleep the more I can delve into the mind.
While I am awake I see the heart for what it is.
I am not sure what I prefer.
All I know is I wish and pray for this anger to go the way of the sea.

Hello, good friend are you ready to talk?
Hello, good friend are you my enemy now?
Goodbye, best friend I guess you had nothing to say.
Hello, new friend would you like to start again?

The sand of an hourglass does not go on forever.
It must be turned and then the flow of time begins anew.
Whether that sand is purple or blue, I need to turn it before my time runs out.
I must turn it before the alarm goes off in my head and it is time for bed.

So much is passing through my fingers.
And when I do grasp onto something I am not sure what to do with it.
Like a dog chasing his tail my goal sometimes seems pointless.
But other times it is clear, and that usually happens when I look to Him.

Indignation towards my place in life, and not giving credit where credit is due.
Thinking with my feelings and feeling with my mind.
A messed up distortion that craves this pique to survive.
Hands that grip so tight that it forgets to open back up when the time is right.

Hello? God… are you there?
Hello? Love…did you disappear?
Where did you go? Or better yet why do I run when I find you?
Hello? Insecurity…did you…oh, wait you never leave.

Boiling and spilling over.
Dreaming dreams meant for someone else.
Holding onto a feeling that could go to the sea if I had time to breathe.
But six days a week doesn’t let you come up for air long enough to breathe in deep.

The lack of oxygen causes these horrid dreams,
Of a man who has it all yet still doesn’t believe he has a soul.
Wishing to fight an angel, but finding the devil instead.
The man who decided long ago that he is not meant for this world.

Falling down and reaching up at the same time.
Looking for hope in all the wrong places and finding it in the right ones.
A lifelong effort to seek the truth…and looking for more than a feeling of good fortune.
God are you there? Oh, Hello ¬†there you are. Please, I beg of thee…please stay near.





The Good Kind of Greed

“In this life, I’m stubborn to the core. In this life, I’ve been burning after more. We both know what these open arms are for.” ~Switchfoot


A cheerful expression that answers its own questions.
A simple but diverse point that is being made.
Taking credit for others work,
when all I want to do is hold you close and let the world melt away.

Tell me a story where the point of view is from you.
Talking and making sense.
Breathing and learning.
A dance that circles on itself.

Let live and let die the hope that burns.
For hope is the passion that the heart uses to,
Determine how much I feel like being alive.
Equal parts avarice and self pity.

Tell me the moment when you feel safe.
Unlock the secrets so that I might make you smile.
I hope this finds you well.
I hope this ignites more than emotion.

For emotions do not recite poetry truly.
They are masks placed by your mind over our hearts.
Breathe and let me be an ever guiding lighthouse.
A hold and a touch that tells me that it is okay to be me.

More and More

Could you be happy to fall like a stone, if you’d land right here safe in my arms? It’s fine, lock all your doors through the night. Keep it all right here, safe in my arms. It’s fine. ~Copeland


My stomach is in knots thinking of you.
Equal opportunities that this be the end.
Thinking it makes more sense to throw it away than to keep it and try.
Distraught thinking, that causes all effectiveness to go down the drain.

I look forward to seeing you again.
Even if my thoughts betray me.
Losing control of what my brain has told me is common sense.
Acting a fool because my mind decided not to fire right.

My stomach is in knots thinking you.
Equal opportunities that this might be the first time.
Thinking it makes more sense to keep it close than throw it away.
Optimistic thinking ,that causes all effectiveness to go down the drain.

More and more I desire to see everything turn out alright.
Even if that doesn’t mean that I will have somebody by my side.
More and More I desire to thrive.
Even if the plan that was in my head, is changed by the Makers hand.

I go a little bit more to the left every day.
For when I sleep I shift to the right more and more in my head.
A twist and turn, that seems to showcase a lack of making up my mind.
More and more I go to the centers of my thoughts instead of looking to my heart.

It won’t last.
For life is a dichotomy that relocates itself.
And when my stomach ends up in knots, it is beautiful.
Even if it might only last for a minute or two.

My stomach is in knots the more I think of you.
Equal opportunities that this might be a pull in the proper direction.
Thinking it makes more sense to be in the moment, than planning my next move.
Transformative thought causing all effectiveness to reveal what it planned all along.

More and more this life keeps moving.
More and more I forge a fire deeper than my own.
More and more I pray that today might be the day,
The day the butterflies find a home to stay.