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Easily Offended

See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts. The grays instead of the whites and the blacks. If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back. We’re selling the news.  ~Switchfoot


He’s on track for something beautiful.
A letdown that is described as genius.
Taking out those that offended him today.
But you know… his feelings were hurt because you glanced his way…
So it is okay.

Trudging around and taking names.
Knowing he is part of the group that will live to complain another day.
Thank God a joke was made I have something to get angry at.
Crap, everyone is being so nice, they must be hiding something… time to get upset.

Jumping to conclusions before asking questions.
Knowing answers before letting anyone speak.
This is the way of life for a lot of those around me.
The golden age of technology muddled by disarray.

When the facts are pushed to the side for an answer based on feelings.
Or being tolerant by breaking the others head.
Using the heart to justify all walks of life.
And having no limit on what is considered right.

But you know it is okay.
I’ll keep on living anyway.
Well maybe not,
If they deem my life not to be right…

You know what?
I’ll go on and live despite what they say.
Because I have a right to seek after what I think is right.
Even if it flies into the faces of the easily offended and trite.





3 A.M. Comes to Fast

“Jesus, Jesus, there’s something about your name. 
Master, savior, Jesus… 
I’ve been dirtier than you wanna know.
I’ve left earlier than you’ll ever know. Jesus, Jesus.”
                                                 ~The Almost

“Part of a season dream I have created”

3 A.M. Comes to Fast

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
Part of a seasonal dream I have created. 
An artificial feeling determined by mislead dreams.
An awakening in my soul that is tempered by smoke and rust. 

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
Living in a world determined by status and blood.
Looking out for the ones that I find most endearing.
These people who are my friends by a random number generator or because I share blood.

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
Knowing one day that I am going to die.
And nobody can stop this fact.
Am I ready for the inevitable?

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
My candle flickers in the light, and forgets to shine in the dark.
My city on the hill has fallen down tonight.
It has left the foundation behind with the fountain still inside.

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
Looking out for my own.
Looking out for me and my home.
I feel dirty messed up and alone.

There is a conclusion in here somewhere.
There is an ending to behold.
There is a moment to distinguish this shadow and return to flame.
Until then the conclusion must write itself.

Without my influence.
Without my doubts and fears.
To be separate from my creepy crawling skin.
To realize that maybe my soul can be washed clean. 

I am parting ways just to die alone.
Because I do not realize I do not need to walk far to be atoned.
I must admit to the bad choices I have made.
And go on and remember why I stayed.

I feel dirty, messed up, and alone.
I am looking for a conclusion to the distinguished questions.
I am learning what it means to be alive.
I am trying to remember why I deserve love.
I am looking for a conclusion to why I cannot sleep tonight.
For 3 A.M. comes to fast.