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Placemats and Doormats


Placemats and Doormats

“The city he wakes up in is never the same. It gets hard to count the days with only stars to lead the way, and in his heart of gold he knows this has to change. ”
~Asking Alexandria

Drawing Sneakers Colorful Sports Shoes

Placemats and doormats placed before the exits and entrances of experiences.
Feeding to allow more, or feeding to live.
Before we exit do we even enter, or wipe our feet?
Should we take off our shoes, or is it rude to leave them on?

To be present in the situation.
To know that more and more people don’t even consider what the host desires.
Entering into conversations before realizing they are talking to themselves.
And then the crowd goes silent as you realize you are in the wrong house.

Are you sure paying attention is your strong suite?
Is it a hobby that you claim and let it sit by the wayside?
Do you practice what you preach?
Or do you enter into homes and dirty up the placemats eating someone else’s food?

We move forward without taking the time to understand where we are going.
The door mat is squeaky clean because we always forget to wipe our shoes.
An action that comes after hearing half baked truths and eating half baked apple pie.
Getting sick from under cooked  information that said 3 hours on medium and you cooked 1 hour on high.

These experience should be used to teach and to learn.
Yet we only regurgitate information that we heard from our cousins second son’s best friend.
When we decided that doing our own research was just too hard.
A long history of bad choices and taking the easy way out.

But here we are, shoes dirty and still not realizing this house is wrong.
We are never slowing down to listen and belong.
We are forgetting to take action when the information is strong.
And we somehow don’t understand why everything is going, oh so very wrong.


Easy Listening Meet Metal

“This is for the kids with the beaten in lips, whose parents try to shut them up using their fists. Keep living loud and proud. They never can hold you down. This is for the kids with a soul like mine. When people tell you living is a waste of your time. Keep living loud and proud. They can never hold you down.” ~Beartooth


What is going on inside of the exits?
Inside of the blacks and the whites?
I am going to sit and here and listen to a few songs.
Ones that enter into my head and don’t ever let go.

Detailing the lies being told and figuring out what is in the fold.
Heading towards an entrance or an exit.
It doesn’t really matter which, because they are one and the same.
Listening to a song that I decided will bless your name.

A thunderous drive into the double bass.
Answering the calls of the screamer to the singer.
A metal drive that couples punk into the machine.
Mixing clean singing with chaos, that brings out the beauty of  everything around me.

A melody contradicting dichotomy.
Empathy surging through my entropy.
Organized chaos diving in and out of my song.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I weep and then I yell.
I call out and fall.
I decided to come down on my own.
I didn’t need your sympathy, but I needed your eyes.

This song is one that has highs and lows.
Singing about the kids that decided their lives don’t deserve a song.
What Hell are we living in when music can’t bless your soul?
A complete set of lies that answer only to the name of the enemy.

Light the fire and drive into the melody.
Set fire to the city and couple it with life.
For it is better to burn it to the ground… 
Than living a life of mediocrity.

I will sit here for a while and listen to my song.
I love seeing how it has developed.
A driving force of the double bass and the screams that ignite my soul.
Then to mellow out and sing out a praise.

Cheers to you…the empty and the lost.
Cheers to the easy listening and to the metal.
Cheers to the kids that decided to come to the show.
Cheers to you and your life that is more beautiful than you know.

“We’re nothing but hollow vessels in search of what makes us alive. I never said this was my revolution when you looked me in the eye.” ~Underoath


I Tried and I Failed (Participation Trophy)

“I’ll fantasize of being manic and leaving us behind. In your eyes, you were the one that tried. Acceptance is what holds us here. Then you my dear are the one I fear tonight.  We’ll try this one more time.” ~Underoath

He asks questions he thinks deserves to be answered.
Integrating compassion into entropy.
Taking shots at people who would be better off longing for more.
And lacking the maturity to ask questions that may make a semblance of sense.

She walks through life with a splint in her personality.
Happy and sad inhabit the same space.
Depression is a welcoming change of pace.
And lacking the steam to press on when she has a minuscule amount of joy.

Together they form the modern entitlement.
Equal parts apathy and laziness.
Hoping to be discovered from a singular occurrence.
Stepping to the left because it is easier than stepping to the right.

Or maybe the right seems like an easier choice.
I don’t think it matters to the modern consumer.
Where taking it easy looks like the way I am supposed to be.
Instead of failing and learning and not getting that participation trophy.

Not to diminish hard times and face to face lies.
Not to say we are not all a bit lowly.
But today it is easier to wait than try.
When they tell you that it is okay to be not okay.

When hope is diminished to a flame hidden.
And the lights from peoples eyes die so quickly.
The hopeless have better questions than the believer.
When we fight and die in the name of being tolerant to my fellow man.

Just go out and work hard.
Go out and love your fellow man.
Find out who your are and die fighting for it.
Instead of sitting down waiting to be discovered by lying over indulgent agencies..

I don’t want your participation trophy.
I want to earn my rewards, my accomplishments, my chance to have hope and be free.
I don’t care what you think of me.
I choose to carry on and I strive to love despite all the times I wanted to flee.

At least I tried.
Not for a trophy, or for an award.
But to be a better version of who I once was.
To do better and to do good.
To be someone that I always knew I could.

Please Listen

“I wanna know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent.”  ~Motion City Soundtrack


I actually decided to die today.
"Please don't be so dramatic."
"You have so much to live for"
People please, you are so unaware of what I mean. 

A tear down and a build up.
A knowledge that what I was doing is not working anymore.
I decided to die today.
And I believe it will be a very good day.

"Your life is worth it don't do it!" They say.
But I don't think you are listening to what I am saying.
Because I decided to die today.
So let me have this one.

To spell it out for you... I decided to die today.
A death to the life that never treated me well.
One that is changed into a new way of thinking.
Going about temptation with a new form.

Not one full of tunnel vision blockers.
Not one full of disarray. 
But one that justifies and glorifies the hope that's inside.
Because if I don't die today, I will never learn to be alive.
I will never learn how to be okay.

Looking Towards Being a Man

“Wake up in the middle of the night. Just don’t believe everything’s all right when thoughts are running around your head.” ~Emery


He stands at the end of his rope, hoping for a tug to get him back on the edge.
Answering a call and checking the voice twice.
Is it true the person on the other line is me?
Or is he deciding to treat it as a way to escape being free?

Extinguishing the hope that shrouds his soul.
Taking the next best thing that never was an answer.
Accepting the end as his own personal heaven.
Instead of reflecting and taking it a bit slower.

Screwing what he knows to be the truth.
Twisting my every word into  the next big controversy.
Enlightening his target audience to the staleness of his life.
He is the one that hates the way things turned out.

But they would not have been that way if he just paid attention.
He was stuck in his own bubble.
Waiting for someone to come and pop it.
When he should have escaped by himself.

A man not squander his potential in pursuit of another.
A man should not let himself implode and create a barrier pushing others away.
A prayer that enters in and changes the way you perceive the worlds color.
Become the man that you were meant to be.
And do not let the past decide who you are today.


Will I See You on the Other Side?

And a God of redemption could break our routine.


Will I See You on the Other Side?

Two ways are laid in front of people. 
One is the way of righteousness.
One is the way of wickedness.
A gray light, a gray dark does not exist. 
Is it possible to be happy?
Is joy a myth?
Are blessings ever worth the fight?
Are blessings created by actions and choices?
The lasting moments of happiness begin with a choice.
A choice to dive into fire turning into water. 
To leap instead of doing nothing.
Learning to wait when immediate action will cause strife. 
Do we choose to sleep instead of think.
Do we include their ways into ours,
Or do we influence our ways into theirs. 
An attack from the left, and the right.
Deceptive pleasure that can seep into the marrow of our bones. 
Laughing at words that once disgusted the soul.
A compromise that should never be made. 
We must use the fire to burn it, and the water to wash it away. 
Something has been present since this world began. 
It is what the law of the universe has been based on.
It is also what can save your soul.
The beginning the end, the alpha and omega.
A word that has always been there.
A choice to accept it.
A word that is both fire and water.
The word that turns seeds into trees. 
When the heart is not in it.
When the mind over thinks.
That is when the seed dies.
That is when the roots refuse to grow deep.
But when it works there are defining characteristics.
Everyone knows what they are by the fruit on its branches.
The flowers that sprout.
The undying nature of worship versus pride.
There are defining choices in our world.
Do you choose a life that has an end that is not defended?
Or do you choose the life that gives us a defense?
A life built by fire and by water.
The wicked may seem like they are winning in this life.
They may seem joyous.
Do not be deceived. 
For in the end the choice they have made will lead them to a place not filled with love, faith, and happiness. 
This can be a sad tale.
Or it can be good.
It is well with my soul.
When I burn for Love and swim in Hope.
Go and choose.
This life or another.
Go and choose. 
And I hope to see you on the other side.