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She’s in Love with Chaos

“She was a wreck. but he loved her. She was a wreck, but so was he.” ~Copeland



It looks like a heartache waiting to happen.
When the phone hits the floor and she is left alone.
The other line dead and the voice has stopped.
And the drumming from her head is working harder than her heart.

She’s in love with chaos.
The ups and the downs.
The lefts that are actually rights, her mind begging to be found.
She’s in love with chaos.
The unknown, is the start of her disorganization alone.

Picking up the pieces and moving one.
Going from one phone to another waiting to belong.
Not trying to hard to sing a better song.
All she does is wait for heartache, to become her white and black swan.

She’s in love with chaos.
The deaf tones of awkward lies.
The messed up deliveries of sought after lines.
She’s in love with chaos.
With her mind, taking deep breaths and taking names that she must find.

Sectioned off and in the crowd.
Determined for more than a sour sound.
But not giving it enough effort or follow through.
The choice is hers, even though she’ll never limit herself to a few.

She’s in love with chaos.
The ups and the downs.
The lefts that are actually rights, marked with hearts waiting to be found.
She’s in love with chaos.
Heartbreak brought on, by late night phone calls and luck based falls.

She’s in love with chaos.
And the Lord knows…
That one day maybe her eyes will see the light being shown.
She’s in love with chaos and the rest.
For one moment she breaks and finally passes a test.


Breadcrumb Ministry

“Hold on tight, this ride is a wild one. Make no mistake, the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done. Now don’t lose your fight kid. It only takes a little push to pull on through. With so much left to do; You’ll be missing out, and we’ll be missing you.”    ~All Time Low

Breadcrumb Ministry


The paperwork is piling up.
The aggression coming to a boil.
An interesting trail of events that led up to this.
A breadcrumb ministry that isn’t entirely my own.

Sent down a path that was different, yet…
It lead to the same spot with unexpected experiences.
The only way to traverse somewhere else is to turn around.
And yet…the experiences down the same path will all be different.

The office is on fire.
My work is going up in flames.
An interesting turn of events from the previous path I took.
A breadcrumb ministry that might have been my own.

Equal opportunities to mess this up.
Equal measures luck, and fate.
Mixed together in a blender that is set only to pulse.
A slow grind that lets’ me choose if  wish to turn around.

What can I say?
What can be said about the way we go about our lives?
Do we need to hold onto more than what it is worth?
Or can we do a minimum with the same results?

The paths lead to the same place.
It leads to an end.
But the problem with an end is there is so much more that is before it.
There is a journey that looks oh so different to the eyes of others.

I know it is hard to do this on your own.
I know the weight of the world is a paper trail.
But you know that it is possible to rely on someone other than yourself.
Letting in more than your own thoughts.

The building is on the fire.
The building is fine.
The end is a result that will come.
But what of the path past the ending?

Do we dare ask the question of eternity.
When all we are focused on is this breadcrumb ministry?
Do we dare discuss the possibility of something more?
In this breadcrumb ministry we are so comfortable living for?