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Slow Down and Take a Deep Breath

“Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are. ”     ~Jon Foreman

Slow Down!

Activating prior knowledge to understand the things running in your head.
Damaging the psyche of your soul,
By displaying negative thoughts throughout your heart.
And despising what is underneath because you feel it is not good enough.

It’s interesting to point out that you make a mistake and then fix it,
But for some reason it just takes you back to a mistake further in your past.
I wish that you can overcome the mistakes that plague you,
To move forward and realize you are worth more than you know.

Take it into account that we are all human and are far from perfect.
We make mistakes and we pass it onto ourselves.
Time and time again we learn to answer questions we already know the answers, too.
But lessons that good, deserve to be learned time and time again.

Slow down and take a breath.
Put into perspective what is happening and what you are worth.
Don’t let your failures persuade you from who you really are.
Slow down and take a breath.
And remember that you have so many around you who care more than you know.


A Dwelling Place

“My heartbeat, my oxygen, my banner, my home, my future, my song, your hope is the anthem of my soul.” ~Switchfoot


There is more to now than what is coming next.
Or what happened before the moment.
But we dwell on such things instead of wondering what is happening at this present moment.
Answering the questions of the past to try and determine our futures.

It is not wrong to think ahead, or learn from the past.
I encourage it daily.
The problem is sometimes we put more stock into who we are…
And forget to see where we’re at.

The person I am now is not the same as the one before.
Maybe I grew up, maybe I went backwards.
All I know is I am here and I am alive.
I am holding onto the hope that was placed upon my heart.

When I think to hard about what my mind used to call home,
I reject all the good that has happened since.
I retreat to a mindset that I have no desire to revisit.
I am not that person anymore and I need to leave the past where it belongs.

When I try to see passed the next five minutes, I start to see what I have not done.
“I have failed.” I say.
“Why am I single, why is no one there by my side?”
But God has a plan, and right now is where He wants me to be at.

I put too much stock into what I have not done.
I put too much stock into who I have been.
I should be happy with the now.
Happy with the man God has currently shaped me to be.

Thoughts brought on by reality.
Togetherness equals strength.
Family is more than an emotional crutch.
And hope is the desire of the past to the present, and to the future of all that I will do.

Being Afraid of God

“If God is smaller than my fears, then He is not God. But it’s not just with our doubts and fears, it’s with so many other areas of our life as well. We think God can’t handle the truth of who we are so we make Him smaller than He really is.” ~Jon Foreman


You see, I am a man that is scared of God.
I am terrified of His voice.
I decide it is better to be stranded in the dessert than accept the water.
You see, I am fearful but not out of reverence but genuine fear.

That is not to say I do not revere.
He is my creator, my maker.
He is the one that gives me life and meaning.
Yet when I stare Him in the eye I must look away because I am scared what He has to say.

I am so aware of my own humanity that I forget that I have a man who saved me.
At the same time I never forget His love, I am just frightened that He will stop loving me.
Because I have no understanding of why He loves me so.
I am a lowly man that has more vices than good qualities.

I target my prayers to fix what is broken.
I lock onto a subject and ask for the answer instead of worshiping the man, my Savior.
For He is the reason I keep on trying.
Even when I fail and fall flat on the floor.

I try and I try but my way is not the same.
It is not the same as the One who gave it all.
I told you that this ends now, the anxiety, the hurt, and I meant it,
But right now I finally think I am ready to face my fear.

For God I am terrified of you.
I am scared of your love, of your forgiveness, of your loving-kindness.
I am frightened that a God who has no reason to Love me does.
I am so terrified I, but I am ready to look you in the eye and quiet possibly be a better me.

Locked into a different way of thinking for my own is failing me.
God I am on my knees, I am praying for more than an answer.
I am praying for my well being, my death, my resurrection, my reluctance to come to you.
I am a broken man and I know it.

I wish to breathe and to take your hand instead of wanting to drown.
I am too comfortable with my anxiety, my comfort of drowning in this tablespoon of water.
It gives me comfort to know that this pain is my normal.
But here I am Lord laying out before you to take me to a place where I have a comfort other than my own insecurities.

A child reaching out his hand through the thorns.
A child wanting to grow.
A face that senses the fear of the unknown.
A chance to let go and let the faith of the child shine through.

Take These Errors

“Drowning Just As Fast As I Can, But Do Not Throw Me A Line Do Not Reach Out Your Hand Because I Am On The Brink Of Something Beautiful And I Want To Sing About. But I Do Not Know Where To Begin.”

~ Take These Errors ~

I do not think these errors will devour what it means to be alive.
It seems that it will only fuel my desire to be more than a fool.
Making these choices even if it is not the popular opinion.
Like when so called friends tell me I am not what they want me to be.

But let me entertain this for a few more moments.
The thought that if I went along with the crowd I would be happier?
Or do I stick to my guns and not conform to the drivers driving on the wrong side of the road?
Choices that define the outcome of any given situation.

They may arrive before me, but I was not heading there anyway.
My end goal is one of clarity.
My end goal takes the errors away.
A place where I can sing and everyone knows the song.

Is it okay to make assumptions about yourself?
Is it okay to ask questions when searching for an answer?
Is doubt allowed to entertain my brain?
Or is it frowned upon by those that claim they have it all figured out? 

Do I really know myself,
When I error in the way of self indulgent drivel?
Pushing and shoving through the crowds who do not care if I live or die.
To feel alive at an intersection with no lull in the traffic. 

Invisible buttons fill my soul. 
This haptic feedback is not a real.
Just like Jon Foreman sings, “A warm body does not mean I’m alive.” 
I strive to be more than my errors inside.

These false illusions of joy and happiness, mean nothing with the coming tide.
Trusting in Love more than trusting in doubt, will store true treasure.
Looking past the ways of those who sit by and do nothing while at your side.
I drive to drive, and someday I will arrive. 
And on that day it will be because of Love and not what I happened to contrive. 

Do Not Shy Away

~Do Not Shy Away~

Who is my maker?
Who can satisfy my soul?
Who can answer my call?

What brings true love? 
What makes me sing?
What takes my fear today?

Do not shy away from questions.
Do not stop your speech.
Let your voice be heard over and over again.

I am learning how to be saved. 
I am learning about love.
I am learning to never let go of dreams.

I want to take into account loss.
The pain targeted at my spirit and flesh.
I want to take into account One.
And the One who helps me learn to use pain to break clean.

Only One has arms that continue to be wide open.
The maker is the One who makes the blind see.
I run into Him when I have no way.
I run to His arms when things are going right.

By my hands I cannot save.
Only the beginning and the end can.
By my hands I cannot heal.
Only the Maker can take back death.

Right next to me He stands.
Right next to you He is there.
Our Savior became like us.
To get holes in His hands that can be shown to Thomas’s like you and me.

How happy are we?
How joyous can we be?
To dance a dance.
To sing a song to sing.

Who is my maker?
What other questions can be asked?
Who was born to us as us?

My Maker is Love.
My Maker is the One.
The One who guides me on land and sea.
My Creator has no equal.
He is my light that let’s me be free. 

Stop Playing the Game

“Your eyes are closed when you’re prayin.’ You sing out aloud with the band. You shine up your shoes for services. There’s blood on your hands. You turned your back on the homeless, and the ones that don’t fit in your plan. Quit playin’ religion games there’s blood on your hands.” 
                                                ~Jon Foreman

Blood has been shed.
It has been shed for you and for me.  
A real sacrifice for the real lost. 
A real death for real love.

And what am I doing about it?  
Am I condemning those that need help?
Do I grasp onto religion and ignore the poor? 
These games we play destroy the love we need to show to all. 

On the side of the road there is a man who longs for freedom. 
In the parking lot people gather to just feel something.  
The hotel is full of beings trying to fill a whole that was never there. 
And in the office there is a man who lost it all and when he hits the floor it is done. 
And there you are sitting in a pew watching it go down.
You are saying,  “Look at me,  I am good.  I am doing my religious duty.” 
And there you are hearing the pleas. 
As you drive by to go gorge yourself on food and drink. 

You are perfect in every way.
You go to church and claim to pray. 
You lift your hands and surrender to yourself. 
But those around see it as a man surrendering to God.
You sit down after the song and listen like a good boy.  
You hear the words and then go about your day. 
When someone asks what you believe you think and say, “I believe in Love.” 
But you do not think about God until you break the plane of that Church again on Sunday.
You are the perfect Christian in the eyes of you. 
You help the church by complaining about the lights being too bright.
You help by saying the music is not self fulfilling enough. 
You help be walking in the door.
Me, me, me, you sing, as you sing, as you sing.
I wish, I wish, I wish,  they sing, as they sing, as they sing. 
Food, shelter, clothes, I wish, I wish, I wish. 
As they sing,  outside your neighborhood watching you be perfect day in and day out.

Blood has been shed. 
By my savior and in the church. 
His blood does good yours is full of venom. 
Blood has been shed.
What are we doing for the one who died? 
Are we playing a game? 
Or are we practicing what we are praying? 
What are we doing for the one we claim to love.
If we love him we should be like him. 
If we love him pray and actually pray. 
Sing and actually sing. 
Leave church and practice what you have heard. 

You will go against the grain of this world. 
You will be mocked and hurt. 
You will swim up a stream. 
Who cares, love anyway and and never cease to do and pray.