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Do You Ever Look Back?

Do you ever take a look back.
Back in time to see the ones that loved you,
The ones that wronged you,
Or maybe the ones that should have gotten more attention?

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you went right instead of left,
Took that train instead of taking the other,
Gone back to the girl that smiled when you passed by,
Or jumped up instead of ducking?

I think that we all have times when we reflect a little too much.
Where we don’t hesitate to establish a connection to the past.
Or when we take a deep dive into what if…?
But I think that periodic trips are more useful than dwelling.

For your home is what you have right now.
The hearth is the heart that beats at the present.
It is not the dusty mantle where childhood pictures are toppled,
Or the open door to the portraits made from past regrets.

Do you ever enter into the future to check the past?
What about the present,
Is it too much to ask for a reprieve from where we are now?
Is your home as warm as it was before?

Do you ever take a look back?
Do you take a vacation to better times?
Do you regret the moment you didn’t take your life?
Is it hard to steer away from prior heartbreaks and spilled milk?

Take heart.
You are here right now, alive and beautiful.
Take heart.
Your home can be rebuilt.

Do you ever look back?
I sure do.
I believe that we all sometimes need to.
At least that is the case for me.

Do you ever look back?
Do you look for the now?
Do you look ahead?
Which one looks better to you?


Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Put on the charm.
Carry out the action.
Dance to the symmetry.
But do it quickly because you never know how long you have left.

Right outside is beauty.
Formed together by grace and elegance.
A 1950’s charmer.
A dance that accompanies both melancholy and hope.

Put on the swing.
Dance a little slower than you might otherwise.
Pursue a bit faster than what is comfortable.
But do it genuinely, or it will all be for naught.

Pulling up with windows down.
Cruising down with the wind blowing inside.
Clearing your head for what is to come.
No,  after thoughts to crush the high you are now on.

Put on the charm.
Form a thought about another.
Dance to the entropy that comes after the symmetry.
But do it quickly…

Put on your dancing shoes.
This club isn’t for everyone.
Find out if you got what it takes.
And if you do, treasure, love, and be you no matter what others tell you.

Pursue the lover.
Dance like no other.
Please be a true charmer.
Be filled with symmetry and of course a little entropy.




A Dwelling Place

“My heartbeat, my oxygen, my banner, my home, my future, my song, your hope is the anthem of my soul.” ~Switchfoot


There is more to now than what is coming next.
Or what happened before the moment.
But we dwell on such things instead of wondering what is happening at this present moment.
Answering the questions of the past to try and determine our futures.

It is not wrong to think ahead, or learn from the past.
I encourage it daily.
The problem is sometimes we put more stock into who we are…
And forget to see where we’re at.

The person I am now is not the same as the one before.
Maybe I grew up, maybe I went backwards.
All I know is I am here and I am alive.
I am holding onto the hope that was placed upon my heart.

When I think to hard about what my mind used to call home,
I reject all the good that has happened since.
I retreat to a mindset that I have no desire to revisit.
I am not that person anymore and I need to leave the past where it belongs.

When I try to see passed the next five minutes, I start to see what I have not done.
“I have failed.” I say.
“Why am I single, why is no one there by my side?”
But God has a plan, and right now is where He wants me to be at.

I put too much stock into what I have not done.
I put too much stock into who I have been.
I should be happy with the now.
Happy with the man God has currently shaped me to be.

Thoughts brought on by reality.
Togetherness equals strength.
Family is more than an emotional crutch.
And hope is the desire of the past to the present, and to the future of all that I will do.

The Apartment Adventure

“I’ve been taking all the back roads home. When everything that’s held me back now becomes what’s making me come undone. On the ceiling is a secret door, and I’ve finally found the words to prove. When everything was tragic at once is what made me come unglued.” ~Fair


This apartment is beginning to feel so small.
It is empty and filled with everything.
Nothing inside is enticing me to go outside.
And everything that has been cluttered makes me want to leave.

Fighting to get into each room of my place.
Every door is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to retain a flow.
A box set up on the other side of the flat.
The prize is inside of it, but I must find a way to get to that room.

Up and down the first room has the vines that have strung me up many times.
The bog is up next and the dead I guess do stay near the lights.
A dessert where I am so thirsty that even the water I have saved up runs dry.
And then I must cross the ocean to an island to claim my prize.

This apartment is so small that it carries the entire world inside.
It feels large and inviting until you encounter a locked door.
A puzzle that needs to be solved in order to progress.
It’s like I am living in a game with a sword and a tear.

I wipe my eyes dry and venture forth hoping beyond hope I am able to reach the other side.
A home that makes sense.
A home where this man could call safe.
But first I need my prize, and that prize is across the ocean, past biomes I have not yet trekked.

This apartment is so small, and I wish to leave.
This apartment is so large I wish to stay.
What is the day when the forge gives you a sword?
What hour is it when the armor is made?

I take up arms filled with the good type of pride.
I take heart and realize you are by my side.
I take courage in knowing that I tried.
I take a step into the unknown, through the biomes that have become home.

A universe made and a universe trekked.
An answer is out there I just need you to have my back.
To help me forge the rivers and to climb up high.
To jump off and then teach me how to fly.




Wonder and Believe?


“I’m dying to know, do you do you like dreaming of things so impossible, or only the practical, or ever the wild or waiting through all your bad bad days just to end them with someone you care about?”    ~Dashboard Confessional

Wonder and Believe?

Drowning and  being able to be saved.
Angered and made whole.
Loved and not understanding why.
An answer to a question I have asked many times before.

Hoping for someone to hold.
A hand to grasp onto and never let go.
Someone to lean on when it feels like everyone won’t let me be.
A simple touch that washes away the strife before me.

Answering questions with a smile.
Long divided dreams with varying results of colliding colors.
A light that brightens in the night.
As the stars determine how long to sit still.

Riddle me this.
Wonder and believe?
Answer me this.
Is the slow fade worth the wait?

The twinkle in someones eye.
The smile from someone who loves you.
Set apart and put together.
I wonder if it will happen to me?

A slow fade into mediocrity.
A time that takes place yesterday even when it is today.
Look at the time is it time to go?
Look at the time, the party started an hour ago.

Wonder and believe?
Create and tear down?
Destroy and rebuild?
Coming together as one?

The twinkle in someones eye.
The smile from someone who loves you.
I wonder if it will happen to me?
I wonder and most of the time I believe.


Tomorrow Gets Me Through the Past

“They left us alone, the kids in the dark to burn out forever, or light up a spark. We come together state of the art. We’ll never surrender, the kids in the dark. So let the world sing, ‘What a shame beautiful scars on critical veins. ‘Come together state of the art. We’ll never surrender. “

                                                                                                                                                   ~ All Time Low

~ Tomorrow Gets Me Through the Past ~

Tomorrow equals new experiences.
Tomorrow    IS the narrow versus the Broad.
Tomorrow   IS a choice That reinvents Itself as the events Get Closer.
Tomorrow   IS Always in the Now, so Get up and Dance.

A smile filling my eyes as I learn to discover rather than cower.
A moment of jubilee when I find out that change is not as bad as it seems.
More of this and that.
And less of that and this.

For tomorrow  IS the Day That starts yesterday.  
Finding out that fear is no longer part of my arsenal.
That time when it is okay to wander and not find anything at all.
Tomorrow   IS Never Alone and today IS filled with Sparks.

A smile filling my face as I learn to drive and not let go.
A smile that tells me that running away is not the answer.
A moment of jubilee when I realize that letting go is just another part of the day.
For letting go is a double edged sword used for the good and for the tarnished.

Tomorrow   Divides into three.
The past, present, and the future.
All rolled into one caring moment where the choice is made.
As I run and not let myself equal the impossible.

Even though I miss and I mourn.
Even as I am filled with sadness that I will not get to see them.
I know they are safe.
I know that life takes a strange path to find an answer that was always there.

Here I go weeping for joy.
Here I go dancing this day into the next.
Here I go taking in feeling and using it for good.
Here I Go looking for tomorrow  Which IS just like looking for today.  

Tomorrow  equals new experiences.
Tomorrow   IS the path less Traveled and more Traveled by others.
Tomorrow   IS missing the ones I hold Dearest.
But for now I tell you I love you.

I love you more than you know.
But we know, that we are never not together.
Because tomorrow  IS where the memories and the Present collide to form the new and exciting.  
Tomorrow  IS a lways in the Past and the Now.

So get up and dance to the new.
Dance to the present, and the past.
So get up and dance to the undecided.
Because we all know that the meaning will be with us and reveal itself when our eyes stop looking.  

But please do not stop looking at the same stars.
Or even the same sun and moon.
For even if the sun is a star.
It is the one that will truly guide me home.