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Slow Down and Take a Deep Breath

“Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are. ”     ~Jon Foreman

Slow Down!

Activating prior knowledge to understand the things running in your head.
Damaging the psyche of your soul,
By displaying negative thoughts throughout your heart.
And despising what is underneath because you feel it is not good enough.

It’s interesting to point out that you make a mistake and then fix it,
But for some reason it just takes you back to a mistake further in your past.
I wish that you can overcome the mistakes that plague you,
To move forward and realize you are worth more than you know.

Take it into account that we are all human and are far from perfect.
We make mistakes and we pass it onto ourselves.
Time and time again we learn to answer questions we already know the answers, too.
But lessons that good, deserve to be learned time and time again.

Slow down and take a breath.
Put into perspective what is happening and what you are worth.
Don’t let your failures persuade you from who you really are.
Slow down and take a breath.
And remember that you have so many around you who care more than you know.

Easily Offended

See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts. The grays instead of the whites and the blacks. If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back. We’re selling the news.  ~Switchfoot


He’s on track for something beautiful.
A letdown that is described as genius.
Taking out those that offended him today.
But you know… his feelings were hurt because you glanced his way…
So it is okay.

Trudging around and taking names.
Knowing he is part of the group that will live to complain another day.
Thank God a joke was made I have something to get angry at.
Crap, everyone is being so nice, they must be hiding something… time to get upset.

Jumping to conclusions before asking questions.
Knowing answers before letting anyone speak.
This is the way of life for a lot of those around me.
The golden age of technology muddled by disarray.

When the facts are pushed to the side for an answer based on feelings.
Or being tolerant by breaking the others head.
Using the heart to justify all walks of life.
And having no limit on what is considered right.

But you know it is okay.
I’ll keep on living anyway.
Well maybe not,
If they deem my life not to be right…

You know what?
I’ll go on and live despite what they say.
Because I have a right to seek after what I think is right.
Even if it flies into the faces of the easily offended and trite.




Step One…Choose

“Take me up, seal the door. I don’t want to march here anymore. I realize that this line is dead, so I’ll follow you instead.”  ~Twenty One Pilots


It begins with an action.
It ends with a thought.
The least of all it could be switched up.
Maybe it would lead to better outcomes.
Quick glances and forgotten smiles pass our lips.
Close and not together.
And the answer could be in either the thought or the action.
Depending on which comes first.
It begins with a smile.
It ends with confusion.
Do we cast ourselves with the net,
Or do we go out and try and swim?
The grandeur that is life is not as big as we think.
It is small and the connections are strong.
And as the start approaches, lives may be changed.
Minds molded by singular events that may not seem noteworthy.
These minuscule events combine into  fleshed out ideas.
These ideas are used for good or for bad.
Maybe there is a gray area thrown in their for kicks and giggles.
But we stand and we fall and we get back up again…most of us.
We could divulge into thoughts with no actions to be seen.
But we are all still in a band.
All of us have a place, but some choose not to play.
And I say, play whether or not it sounds correct.
It is better to play than to sit their wondering if it is okay.
We all need each other.
And even if the awkward is the normal for your life today,
Go forth and play anyway.
A glance and a smile doesn’t seem so bad.
But I will tell you it all comes down to context.
I choose to play the game, the note…
Whether it is correct or not.
I begin everyday with a thought.
While other days it is with an action.
Roll over, open eyes, and continue breathing.
Press forward and pray that God will show you the way.
Step One…choose.



Your growing imagination preparing you for what your heart requires to say.
~Haste the Day


Equal parts fiction and reality.
I look through these eyes and I see a world full of possibilities.
A cynic walking through a field full of flowers.
An optimist running through a war-torn field.

It is an understanding that what we have in this life is not the end.
I want more than what I can carry.
I need more than this half full or half empty cup.
I wish to be overfilled, so I can give back.

It is necessary for me to lend a helping hand.
My heart wouldn’t be able to take it if I didn’t try.
The struggle is between my sense of reality and the desire to please everybody.
It is a blessing and a curse.

I don’t do enough for myself.
I look past my own thoughts and feelings.
I want more for everyone else that I am blind to me.
God please let me e able to see me.

On the other hand I am better.
I have struggled and I have won.
Not by my own hand, but by God’s.
This life is not my own, it was brought to me by the One who made me.

I wish to be overflowing.
Overflowing for you.
Overflowing for myself.
Please take my hand and let me be the better version of me.

Some Days I Need More than a Metaphor

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”
~Ernest Hemingway


~More than a Metaphor~

I am so tired.
My body does not want to sleep.
My mind keeps wandering from the light to the dark.
And when it is all said and done, I wonder if I am not glad this is happening.

My head is spinning and I want to choose.
I want to choose a direction and stick with it.
Left or right? North or south?
Which way will I end up pursuing, when every available direction is so enticing?

Sleep is eluding me.
I close my eyes and try to drown out the noise.
It keeps on coming from every direction.
The noises of the ocean, or the noises of nothing.

A train passes by…could I take it to move on?
A plane could take me in the air.
Or maybe I should just drive and not look back.
To run, and run further and further until the world becomes flat and I jump off the edge.

Don’t worry about me.
In times of strife I push a little to the extreme.
But that does not dismiss the fact that sleep is eluding me.
And I guess that sleep is essential to this body.

Some days I need more than a metaphor.
I long for something real.
A symbol won’t save my soul.
And alliteration almost always allocates allowances.

But here I am trying to lay my head to pillow.
Talking in circles and chasing dreams.
Looking for the pictures that crop up when I am deep in sleep.
Asking myself, “Could tomorrow be a better day?”

A god Not Worth Living For

“When they take you on the town
with their designer crowns
they’ll only bring you down.”
~Say Anything~


~A god Not Worth Living For~

Just look at what you have become.
It is a shell of what you were meant to do.
Just look at how far you flew.
Why would anyone want to be with you?

A riddle set before the human race.
Decisions we make everyday.
What kind of person shall we become?
What is the truth that sets us free.

And here you are proclaiming weed saves.
Selling out your soul to become one with yourself.
Answering the questions just like they want you to.
Set apart has no meaning anymore.

A question that desires an answer.
One that is equal parts pain and hope.
What kind of person shall we become?
What is the truth that sets us free?

Do you like the way you feel when you are alone?
Is it hard to handle the silence?
Does the knot in your chest increase when you stop moving?
It would not surprise me if it hurts when your god runs out.

Running, running further and further.
One more bottle will erase the past.
One more hit to take the pain away.
Running, running, further and further.

I pray one day you will see.
I pray that you can remember who you were meant to be.
Just know you can come to me.
When the world falls through your fingers and you have lost your way to the sea.

What kind of person shall we become?
What is the truth that sets us free?
One more prayer, one more word to say.
No more lies, to mask what we could become today.

A god not to follow.
A God to follow.
What is today?
Is it worth it to go the other way?

In Front of You?

“Everyday a choice is made. Everyday I choose my fate.” ~Switchfoot

~In Front of You~

Emotions fly like the birds in the sky.
Running and jumping spreading wings and denying once or twice.
Prayers thrown up and caught not being allowed to make it to Heaven.
Emotions that fly, where faith has been replaced by human desire. 
What do you do when a furnace is placed in front of you?
Will your emotions save you?
When the fire melts and burns you. 
Even before you are pushed in. 
The compromise will come.
The time to choose what you truly believe. 
Is it the testimony of Christ?
Or will it be the compromise that took your soul by surprise. 
Truth is not always popular.
It is usually in direct defiance to the norms of the world.
Truth is set before our eyes like glasses to help us see.
Truth is a fire that is more powerful than any furnace placed by men. 
This furnace can be used by the maker.
It can be used to destroy the ties binding your hands.