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Easily Offended

See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts. The grays instead of the whites and the blacks. If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back. We’re selling the news.  ~Switchfoot


He’s on track for something beautiful.
A letdown that is described as genius.
Taking out those that offended him today.
But you know… his feelings were hurt because you glanced his way…
So it is okay.

Trudging around and taking names.
Knowing he is part of the group that will live to complain another day.
Thank God a joke was made I have something to get angry at.
Crap, everyone is being so nice, they must be hiding something… time to get upset.

Jumping to conclusions before asking questions.
Knowing answers before letting anyone speak.
This is the way of life for a lot of those around me.
The golden age of technology muddled by disarray.

When the facts are pushed to the side for an answer based on feelings.
Or being tolerant by breaking the others head.
Using the heart to justify all walks of life.
And having no limit on what is considered right.

But you know it is okay.
I’ll keep on living anyway.
Well maybe not,
If they deem my life not to be right…

You know what?
I’ll go on and live despite what they say.
Because I have a right to seek after what I think is right.
Even if it flies into the faces of the easily offended and trite.





Wearing Blue (Salt and Fresh Water)


“If you wanna leave come to California. Be a freak like me, too. Screw your anonymity. Loving me is all you need, to feel like I do.”  ~Lana Del Rey



There is a line in the sand that says,
“Answer me kindly and I will tell you the secret of the world.”
The line that defines the time spent between the drinking of wine and spending time,
Gathering decrees that shout out the very faith of a child.

Take a shot at me I probably deserve it.
While I approach the line that the sand has made.
To guide and to kill,
Lead and destroy.

There is a line in the sand that says,
“Answer me kindly and I will tell you the secret of the world.”
The line that decides whether it is okay to move forward.
It joins in on the festivities of birth and decay.

Watch as the beach divulges its secrets.
Where salt water wishes to come out and play,
But the fresh water pushes it back.
The two never touch and the two could become friends.

There is a line on a beach and it is a line that lets only a few pass.
Diving into the ocean grants you peace.
Walking away grants you a wall where you must turn around.
Dichotomy between what we want and what we need.

There is nothing wrong with either body of water.
Both offer the same desire to be a better person.
It comes down to the line and whether or not you are ready for an answer.
And in the end it all boils over and we see that the line never existed.

So what is the truth of the matter?
Do we decide to live or to die?
Are we born into the answer?
Can we maintain a presence when your heart feels like it has been shattered?

There is a line that never existed.
It was drawn inside my dreams.
It is a line that changes its tune every day.
As a child wishes to change what he wants to play.

Do I decide whether it exists?
It usually appears when I am close to someone else.
And it goes away when I have nothing to say.
For the speaking of words is not my forte.

I have no hand to hold,
But I do have a soul to hold onto.
Wearing blue is the only thing that I can do.
When most of my time is spent over analyzing a line that doesn’t even have a name.

“Goodbye the heartache, that’s the only southern part of me. I pack some boxes in the basement and move down the street, and I’ll leave the pirate ships to kids who don’t know anything. Oh, I’ll be every bit the person we both already know I’ll be.” ~Relient K


Always Growing

Count your blessings that you’ve never seen the things the simple things were ours to take. But the questions danced around our innocence and now the innocence is nothing more than faith.                 ~Emery

~Always Growing~


Articulating a response is harder than you think.
A simple hello turns into a head shake while walking away.
When words jumble in your mouth,
And the lack of coherence starts to fly south.

Growing up can be hard.
Whether you are 16 or 73.
Everyday can be new.
And everyday can teach you how to be you.

A practice known by many.
The lack of anything interesting to say.
When word vomit becomes the norm.
How embarrassing.

A boy walks into the room.
A boy sees.
A boy leaves.
No, man was ever seen.

Growing up can be hard.
Whether you are 16 or 73.
Everyday can be new.
And everyday can teach you how to be you.

Age is now older and things seem to have fallen into place.
A family a wife, and safe grace.
But even in this life a tragedy can strike fast.
And you may fall apart or remember you have won in the past.

Articulating a response can be hard.
Whether it is a crush in front of you or a child asking questions.
The rules of life can be simple.
It is what you do with them that can make a boy into man.

Growing up can be hard.
Whether you are 16 or 73.
Everyday can be new.
And everyday can teach you how to be you.


Do We Live for the Proper Reason?

“So choose your last words, this is the last timeCause you and I, we were born to die.” ~Lana Del Rey

Do We Live for the Proper Reason?

Born to live does not seem correct to me.
Being born to live seems like a poor way to live. 
Born to suffer, born to work, born to find love sounds like a better option to me.

We go through life wanting to live.
We want the materials to keep us filled.
Happiness is not connected to this life.
It is connected to the eternal death.

Born to love.
Born to die.
Being born to live does not sound good to me.

A child is alive and they live to die. 
A child shows us what joy is all about.
A child’s light is brighter than any cynic we call an adult.
A child knows no bounds and dives in with trust and love.

This life is not our life.
This world is not our home.
Our home is on the other side, so live to die.

Children laugh and children cry.
Children are gifts that show us how we once were.
Dedicate your children with truth.
Dedicate your children, so they may grow and tell the truth as they live for the other side.
I believe in love.
I believe in birth and resurrection. 
I believe in lost causes being shown the way through children’s eyes.

We are all born, we all will die.
We do not all live. 
We go through life sitting down and not running forward. 
Get up be a child and lose your life in truth, in love, in a child’s eye.
We need to live to learn to die. 
But traditional living will not do.
My living will be one that is focused on my death. 
Focused on love, on lost souls, on living by doubting doubts.
Pray and be still.
Pray for your soul.
And look at life with child’s eyes.

Go out to battle and die in the proper fashion. 
With hope in your eyes and love in your heart.
Doubt your doubts and live with the other side in mind.