Safety From Another

Safety From Another


“You can’t save my life, these events are already in motion. So, don’t wate my time you keep talking me off the ledge. Your words unheard dragging me down once again. When I’m living a lie, when I’m shut down inside, when I’m chsding a high.”   Underoath

What the Hell does that mean?
Are we ever safe in this fallen world?
Do we ever feel at peace?
In this ever-turning world, full of sin and retribution when will safe ever be a word to describe it?

A common word meant for the common man.
An ever-present description of people in this world.
Holding onto truths and not letting them out.
In this world that turns more often than not, a lie is easier than telling the truth.

God open my eyes and let me see the way you want me to see.
God give me a reason to open up these tired eyes every morning.
Because the world outside is a jacked up place.
Where liars take me down to unsafe places.
God, I lay my head down at your feet, please help me breathe.

Crashing and falling down.
Breaking apart and taking names.
Randomly putting together an undefined amount of self-loathing.
Randomly putting together an undefined momentum of good-natured paths.
Then it all falls apart in sweet discord, and the lies seep into your head and even make your mind an unsafe place to be.

Are you the one that makes it okay to be better than me?
Am I better than you?
Everyone is better than everyone else, but that doesn’t make it okay.
Head in the clouds, being untouchable, and the more you believe that you are the invincible the harder you’re going to fall.

God let’s get together sometime to talk this out.
I fail so many times a day that it scares me.
I don’t feel safe in my head.
I lie to myself that I am okay.
I fall apart more often than rebuild.
Then my pride takes hold and I think I can do it on my own.

God let’s talk for awhile.
Let’s hash this thing out.
Let’s figure this one out together.
I’ll tell you my complaints and you can give me yours.
I think together we can solve the problem, the problem that I feel a lot of people have.
The problem of living.


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