Which Way Do We Look?

Which Way Do We Look?

It falls apart one step at a time.
A little bit of you comes off every time you propel yourself further these days.
You decide not to move anymore hoping that this is what alleviates the pain.
But then you realize that standing still hurts just as much as falling apart.

Just because she broke your heart doesn’t mean you stop living.
Just because a wall has been built around your friends doesn’t mean you can’t knock it down.
When your father decides a rod is easier to swing than a belt, don’t cover your eyes.
For if you stop, you may never endure.
If you stop you may never find help.

It falls apart one step at a time.
Your hearts on the floor.
Your lungs float up to the sky.
And your eyes have no idea which way to look.

For your eyes are in two different directions.
Trying to find the path that takes you to a place of joy.
Trying to find a life where pain is not a constant.
Where drowning is equated with baptism and not an end.

It falls apart.
But it can be rebuilt.
A tear apart and a rekindling.
A life represented by love, rather than fear.


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