Spitting Fire

“My head is aching like a riot. 40 days in the desert pain. When I hear the lies I don’t buy it. Still looking for the desert rain and I fight the fire with fire. I want to taste your love again, and I let the flood rise higher. Wash the doubt away…Like Holy Water.”   ~Switchfoot

Spitting Fire

My brain starts to fade into blackness.
It hides and spits out fire to try and continue to light the road.
Along a path that resists every step of the way.
As the quicksand approaches will I be able to move around it?

I wonder what is on the other side of the sand.
Is it a new world full of wonder?
Is it a dry dessert where the days are scorching and the nights bring a chill?
Or is it a green field where I will look at it and wonder if the grass is greener on the distant hill?

My brain begins to fade into blackness.
Shutting down and wanting a moment to rest.
I don’t want to breathe fire right now.
I want to sleep and erase any turmoil.

A guidepost that lets out sighs and uncontrollable lies.
A lighthouse that was built by flame that dissects this world with the next.
But the waters don’t match up with the way things are supposed to be.
It is more like the sand that is quick guided by the flames.

But in the end it doesn’t matter what my brain says.
For the thoughts and feelings of an irrational reaction will never win out.
For the sorrow that begins every morning is the sorrow that will pass me by.
Under the light of those that use joy to fill the hearts of every fallen man.

For the fire that burns up the ash brings more ash.
And the remains of a cold soul will be rejuvenated into hot steel that slices away the fear.
The laughter of those that reach a little bit higher than the rest.
Laughter that had been diminished by a created void that has now been filled.

And we look up and see a power and love that is far beyond us.
A love that knows no bounds.
A hope kindled under every night sky.
A Holy Spirit that spits fire and lights up our cold and wanting souls.


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