The Apartment Adventure

“I’ve been taking all the back roads home. When everything that’s held me back now becomes what’s making me come undone. On the ceiling is a secret door, and I’ve finally found the words to prove. When everything was tragic at once is what made me come unglued.” ~Fair


This apartment is beginning to feel so small.
It is empty and filled with everything.
Nothing inside is enticing me to go outside.
And everything that has been cluttered makes me want to leave.

Fighting to get into each room of my place.
Every door is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to retain a flow.
A box set up on the other side of the flat.
The prize is inside of it, but I must find a way to get to that room.

Up and down the first room has the vines that have strung me up many times.
The bog is up next and the dead I guess do stay near the lights.
A dessert where I am so thirsty that even the water I have saved up runs dry.
And then I must cross the ocean to an island to claim my prize.

This apartment is so small that it carries the entire world inside.
It feels large and inviting until you encounter a locked door.
A puzzle that needs to be solved in order to progress.
It’s like I am living in a game with a sword and a tear.

I wipe my eyes dry and venture forth hoping beyond hope I am able to reach the other side.
A home that makes sense.
A home where this man could call safe.
But first I need my prize, and that prize is across the ocean, past biomes I have not yet trekked.

This apartment is so small, and I wish to leave.
This apartment is so large I wish to stay.
What is the day when the forge gives you a sword?
What hour is it when the armor is made?

I take up arms filled with the good type of pride.
I take heart and realize you are by my side.
I take courage in knowing that I tried.
I take a step into the unknown, through the biomes that have become home.

A universe made and a universe trekked.
An answer is out there I just need you to have my back.
To help me forge the rivers and to climb up high.
To jump off and then teach me how to fly.





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