Back to Basics

“The background noise makes your voice so hard to hear…And my heart is yours, and what a broken place it’s in. But you’re what I’m running for, and I want to feel the the wind at my back again. Back to the beginning again.”   ~Switchfoot



Strung out on the bathroom floor.
Trying to crawl back to reality.
A stumble that was greeted with a fall.
Why do we do the things we know hurt us the most?

This is life, let’s go back to basics.
In this place where child and adult occupy the same set of rules.
This is living, let’s go back to the basics.
Breathing the same air with those who disagree with you.

Tripping on self pity.
Lighting up to make hardship disappear,or when you know that a bottle will only take the pain away today. 
Or an an image on a screen that meets a physical action, that  numbs you only for a singular moment.
What is it that you are living for?

This life is temporary.
It will only last when we have a grasp on our mortality.
Flesh and blood cannot last.
The car that you love will always crash.

We are in this life.
We are living.
We have thoughts and we have feelings.
A moral crisis between what we need and what we want.

What are you waiting for?
Learn and know that you have a purpose.
This bathroom floor is not your end.
Amber courage doesn’t let you forget forever.

Break the norms of your life.
Realize you are worth more than what you tell yourself.
You are worth more than what they are telling you.
Take heart and be apart of something bigger than you know.

Let’s go back basics.
Back to the original crisis.
Back to you, back to me.

Let’s do this again.
Back to child like glee.
We can come back mortality.

“Cause I struggle with forward motion. We all struggle with forward motion. Cause forward motion is harder than it sound. Well every time I gain some ground I gotta turn myself around.”  ~Relient K




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