Flower Petals

“Oh, here comes the ballad of another So So Glo. Another overblown ego, explosive kids. Everybody get low, we’re gonna blow.” ~The So So Glos

wallpapers-1280x720I pull one petal, “I miss you not.”
Another, “I miss you.”
I usually go for one more, “I miss you.” for that is what I usually feel inside.
Flowers used to determine feelings and events that started when we were young and growing.

Another day and another passing of time.
A second, a minute, an hour, a day.
They tell me that each day will get better.
I think I may believe that, except my flower petals tell me otherwise.

A glance, a smile, a look from the other side of the room.
A person far away.
An ocean separating,
Or a desk that is only a couple feet away.

Equal measures guilt and insecurity.
Equal measures empathy and compassion.
A look to the left is bringing me to a path of many.
I look to the right and I see the same thing.

Flower petals line the streets of those who mourn.
Trying to find closure in a world that revels at the thought of screwing you over.
Flower petals line the world,
And we all have someone who we know that feels like they don’t belong.

But they would be wrong.
They need to see that it is okay to miss someone.
It is okay to be free.
It is okay to use a flower to find another, like we did when we were young and dumb.

“I miss you, I miss you, I miss you not.”
A flower petal Russian Roulette
One more day, one more hour.
One more flower done, the rest of the rainbow to go.




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