The Fight Continues (I Fought the Devil Part 2)

“I wrestled the angel, for more than a name. But I want to be one today, centred and true. I’m singing spirit take me up in arms with you.”    ~Switchfoot

The Fight Continues (I Fought the Devil Part 2)


We fight for purpose and an understanding of what is to come.
We fight for meaning, hoping that what we say won’t come undone.
We fight because we are not meant to be in this world.
We fight because it is better than standing still.

Last week I fought the devil and I won.
His time in the sun is done.

Today is a day where I realise it is not my job to change anybody.
I am not a person who can save.
That job is for my God.
My job is to show love just as my Maker loves me.

Last week I fought God, and of course He won.
I fought to understand what it means to be His son.

It is in these moments of depression and strife,
Where I realise that I am allowed to be alive.
I shout and I pump up my fist.
I yell and cry, because I know that one day I will die.

But before that day comes I hope to have my time in the sun.
Seeking and reporting on all that God has done.
Being more than a lackey for the world and its ways.
But I wish to bask in the heat of the suns rays.

Everyday I fight myself.
I don’t mean to put my life on a shelf.
I want to use what I have learned.
To be last and to become first and see what I have discerned.


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