Your growing imagination preparing you for what your heart requires to say.
~Haste the Day


Equal parts fiction and reality.
I look through these eyes and I see a world full of possibilities.
A cynic walking through a field full of flowers.
An optimist running through a war-torn field.

It is an understanding that what we have in this life is not the end.
I want more than what I can carry.
I need more than this half full or half empty cup.
I wish to be overfilled, so I can give back.

It is necessary for me to lend a helping hand.
My heart wouldn’t be able to take it if I didn’t try.
The struggle is between my sense of reality and the desire to please everybody.
It is a blessing and a curse.

I don’t do enough for myself.
I look past my own thoughts and feelings.
I want more for everyone else that I am blind to me.
God please let me e able to see me.

On the other hand I am better.
I have struggled and I have won.
Not by my own hand, but by God’s.
This life is not my own, it was brought to me by the One who made me.

I wish to be overflowing.
Overflowing for you.
Overflowing for myself.
Please take my hand and let me be the better version of me.


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