Mediocre Life

Won’t you climb high and shower some correction on me? Don’t you dare disguise your colorful predictions are clear.    ~Fair


~Mediocre Life~


I am living tonight.
I am going to be the best man I can be.
Look at that cliché.
I love it.

Equal parts majestic and striking.
Glorious illusions of happiness versus hardship.
Fallacies coming from the very place I call home.
I was built for more than this mediocre life.

Let me look for introductions to the other side.
Introductions to faith, love, and happiness.
Epilogues that bleed into new beginnings.
Laced with a drug that feels more like medicine.

I am built for more than this mediocre life.
I am built for hope.
I am built for redemption.
I am to be me and release the sideways stature of a man searching for an answer.

I stand at a crossroad.
They always say to choose left or right.
I say, “I choose neither.”
I will step off the path and forge a new one.

For I am worth more than mediocrity.
I wish to defend the defenseless.
Help the hopeless and realize that life is worth living.
Hope is decided when the player starts the game.

Dear child please stand up, so you can be more than what they call you.
For you deserve more than this mediocre life.
Dear child let your life be a guide post to all who wish to see.
For you are more than a speck in the universe.
You are uniquely you.



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