Some Days I Need More than a Metaphor

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”
~Ernest Hemingway


~More than a Metaphor~

I am so tired.
My body does not want to sleep.
My mind keeps wandering from the light to the dark.
And when it is all said and done, I wonder if I am not glad this is happening.

My head is spinning and I want to choose.
I want to choose a direction and stick with it.
Left or right? North or south?
Which way will I end up pursuing, when every available direction is so enticing?

Sleep is eluding me.
I close my eyes and try to drown out the noise.
It keeps on coming from every direction.
The noises of the ocean, or the noises of nothing.

A train passes by…could I take it to move on?
A plane could take me in the air.
Or maybe I should just drive and not look back.
To run, and run further and further until the world becomes flat and I jump off the edge.

Don’t worry about me.
In times of strife I push a little to the extreme.
But that does not dismiss the fact that sleep is eluding me.
And I guess that sleep is essential to this body.

Some days I need more than a metaphor.
I long for something real.
A symbol won’t save my soul.
And alliteration almost always allocates allowances.

But here I am trying to lay my head to pillow.
Talking in circles and chasing dreams.
Looking for the pictures that crop up when I am deep in sleep.
Asking myself, “Could tomorrow be a better day?”


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