A Prayer for Me


“Take the burden from my arms. Take the anchors off my lungs.
Take me broken and make me one. Break the silence and make it a song.”

~A Prayer for Me~

This heart of mine is in folly.
It is longing for more than what I can offer.
Together with a little prayer I hope to fix this muddled thought.
Of course it is not by my hands, but by my father.

Jesus my heart is in shambles.
It is not where it needs to be.
This is my prayer,
Could you please fill me and let my life be an offering to thee.

Taken from what I know and letting mistakes run my life.
This mistake is okay, I will stop the strife tomorrow.
But tomorrow never comes and healing must come today.
I must believe that I have changed, I must go and bend a knee.

Allegiance to my father.
Bowing down in awe.
Forgetting what made it through my wall.
Take my life and let me become who you want me to be.

Jesus my heart is in shambles.
I am sorry I keep holding onto the lie.
My prayer goes up to you.
Please, help me to learn how to fly.

To fly past the temptation, and to leave it just that.
To fly past the laziness and learn to wait when you say stay and move when you say go.
To fly towards your loving arms and not to the world’s side.
To fly up high and learn that I start living now, not when I die.

Jesus my heart is in shambles,
But know I believe.
I believe in that place where the truth is not ashamed to hide.
I believe in a savior who died setting me free.
I believe that this God was a man and for some reason He loves me.


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