We Could All Do With a Little Understanding

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein


~We Could All Do With a Little Understanding~

It all happens in tandem.
The in-between centering around the outsides closing in.
Forcing reality to split.
And in that moment, what was once clear is muddled and in the air.

One thing that can determine a feeling.
One of anxiousness.
One of self loathing.
Or maybe one that doesn’t deserve to be there at all.

Do any of these actually deserve to exist?
Or is it those around us that come in like a poison to ruin our days?
A rip and a tear.
A slow degrading over time.

Link up to the left and understand one side.
Link up to the right and understand the other.
The great divide that grays out understanding.
A moral high ground where no one wins.

Fixate on the present or maybe a bit of the future.
Why wait another second to begin living?
Jump up and run.
Sit still and wait for the rising sun.

Both are valid options and both can work.
If the balance is increased the reward is one step closer.
Togetherness in a world of separation.
Take heart and understand the divide.
Take heart and try to see the other side.


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