The Possibility

“I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one, of the best ones”         ~Dashboard Confessional

The Possibility


Smile and a care.
Love and a hand.
Grace and beauty.
The moments that define what we believe life is.

This dance that treads the possibility of finding each other.
A move to the right in which you follow.
A move to the side and then repeat.
This dance that leads like the flicker of a fire.

The brightness of your eye.
The character of your soul.
Hand in hand.
Side by side.

You smile and your caring.
Your love and your hand.
Your grace and your beauty.
Your walk that approaches me from the side.

Gliding over glass.
Reflections of the past.
Where you were not in my life.
Let’s dance and see that reflection fade away.

When I find you my day will be more.
A person to hold.
A person to love.
A person to be with me while I grow old.

A smile and care.
A love and the beauty of your hair.
A hand stretched out for more than a feeling.
But for a love that reflects the beauty of the Maker.
For He is the definition that I wish to be shown through you and me.


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