A Crack in the Foundation

“Sooner or later you’ll find out there’s a hole in the wall. Sooner or later you’ll find out that you’ll dream to be that small.” ~ Switchfoot

~ A Crack in the Foundation ~

In the past there is a suspicious space between the wall and the door.
A crack that appears to be broken, more so than it should.
Splintering and weaving, creating more lines than healing.
This space is all you had left before you hit the floor.
Under the blood shot eyes of lovers dreams.
Through the dark places of family screams.
Into the depths of friendships in toil. 
There lies a hope, that could fix this scene.
Ripping and tearing and become more than what it once was.
An increase of space in between the lines.
What is more sad than a foundation beginning to die?
What is more sad than hope that feels so far away?
Together and alone.
Crowds of people yet morose.
Hands falling on hands.
And lips being used to kiss and betray.
Our lives are but one tale.
All woven and created.
A canvas being created for more than this life.
And in the cracks there is a way to repair what has been lost.
Do not overthrow your lover.
Do not seek out hate against your brother.
Do not try and one up the other.
For love is what will bind, not this scalpel coming down.
Stitch it up and forgive to get better.
Love more than self to show you can love one another.
For the bloodshot eyes need not apply.
When it comes to those who are on or have crossed your eye.
Let your present be more than that of your past.
Do not be defined by what you did but by what you do.
Hello sweet melodies of love and daring.
Goodbye to the curse that parries all of your caring.

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