When We Grow, it Happens Fast and Slow

“If we only got one try, if we we’ve only got one life, if time was never on our side, well before I die I wanna burn out bright.”           ~Switchfoot

~ When we Grow, it Happens Fast and Slow ~

Winter has ended and spring has arrived.
The ice in our hearts is melting away.
The storms of life are turning from snow to rain.
And our spirit is in its prime to grow. 
Actions define who we are.
Bitter, joyful, angry, humble.
How we react to situations shows others who we are.
And who are you, and who am I?
In thee seasons we are growing.
If God is in our lives, we will have to grow.
Sometimes it is fast.
Other times it is slow.
Are we becoming what we are meant to be?
Will we bless people who come our way?
Or do they shy away from what we have to say?
Are our branches inviting in those who wish to believe?
When we come into contact with others,
When we are by ourselves,
We have the opportunity to get closer to God.
To grow and get stronger in Love.
Today is today.
Tomorrow is too late.
Action takes the now.
And tomorrow won’t be fast enough.
God save me from myself.
Save me from my disbelief.
Help me to begin today.
God save me from me.
Time will not be on your side.
Time always moves forward.
To trust in Love in the now.
To be what you were meant to be.
God I pray, take all my errors.
God I pray, do a work in me.
Love I pray, engulf me in your life giving light.
To grow in the season you have set before me.
And when the inevitable winter comes.
Help me through those days as well.
To continue to trust in you.
As I wait, learn, and pray for spring to come back my way. 

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