You Have Legs…Use Them

“I Will Not Pretend That We Are All Friends, When All Of Us Know That We’Re Not. And I Am Afraid Of Pulling My Name, Away From The Places I Know I’Ve Been On This Slow Down Descent.”                                                                                                                                      ~ Deas Vail

~ Have Legs … Use Them ~     

In moments like these I hope too much.

I dream up responses that let go of, instead of holding on.
The hope does not seem to be as real as it once was.
This is where my faith needs to take over and show me how to believe.
Targeting the balance of the left and the right.
Taking up arms against the heart.
And taking shots at the mind.
Duck and cover for this world is gonna blow.
It will rise up in flame.
It will enter into the line that was never supposed to be crossed.
A little further down the road.
A little to close to Hell.
In moments like these, I wish to much.
I see the stars and remember not all of them are real.
I hope, hope decides that it will manifest out of me.
Even when I need to reach deep down inside while I flee.
The shot is lined up after I moved from the right to the left.
Finger on the trigger.
The pulse is the beat.
Duck and cover for this world is gonna blow.
Enter in and enter out.
Move your butt to a better place.
Enter in enter out.
Regret does nothing but get in the way.
String along brilliant acts.
Get together and breathe in more than contrition.
Break down the fence that is holding you back.
Take the shot and bring yourself to a place of happiness.
In moments like these I am a kid that knows his place.
In moments like these this Hell transforms into something worthwhile.
While the hope secures faith.
And the faith depends on how much I wish to represent my belief.
Doubt equals a soul who chose it over believing.
Two sides of the same coin. 
Both used for target practice.
Duck and cover for this world is going to blow.
Erase it and move on.
Learn and travel further.
Hope for the faith that is inside all. 
For it is better to live than to stand still.
You have legs … Use them. 

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