What We Lost(What Was There)

“I need you. Like the dragonfly’s wings need the wind. Like the orphan needs home once again. Like Heaven needs more to come in.” ~Copeland

~What We Lost (What Was There)~

Let us remember those we have lost.
Bow our heads and meditate on what is gone.
We listened and learned a lesson.
We then forgot and moved on from what we found was true.
We now build these walls that tower above the sky.
We hide inside trying to forget what has dissipated.
Weeping next to nothing because we are too scared to try.
We weep to forget that once we had faith.
So what else is lost?
Hope, love, and purpose.
We lost it all because we took it for granted.
We did this instead of remembering and using what we once knew to be true.
Do not let yourself die, when life is just on the next hill over.
These walls can be torn down.
When you look there could be writing on the wall.
But what will it say?
History repeats itself.
Which one will repeat for us?
Will you learn to tear down the prison you have built?
Or will the writing spell out your demise?
Where does your trust lie?
I choose mercy, and I choose to reclaim what I lost.
For when I do this I have someone to rely on.
For when I do this I am not alone.

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