Making it So

But I met God on the street tonight. And He said, ‘Choose your battles wisely, or you’ll never find me.'”                  ~House of Heroes

~Making it So

Justice resulting in righteousness. 
Righteousness becoming a saving hand. 
A newborn child learning how to crawl.
Learning to know, that only one can save your soul.
A wave pours over the heads of the unjust.
Washing away the folly of our souls.
Battered by truth.
Healed by the pain that brings hope.
What I have is nothing.
What I do means nothing.
It is meaningless unless it is done by and for the other side.
Unless I let the wave engulf my lack of true understanding. 
I do not compare to perfection.
I am the furthest away from this concept.
But if there is One who is, why would I not worship?
The sin that I do. 
The mistakes I make.
They will be passionately judged by the almighty.
I do not have a chance against His perfection.
God does not get pushed down. 
Unlike us, we suppress the truth.
The truth of the water.
The truth of knowledge that has been shown plainly.
We see the truth and run in the opposite direction. 
It is known in nature and in words that the God of Redemption is truth.
Yet, we run, we run…
God why do we run from you?
Why is it so hard to believe? 
Why do we despise the One who gave it all?
Why are we afraid to believe?
We know the truth but our morality naturally gets in the way.
And yet, the wave comes to purify our rebellion. 
We run into the water to be washed clean.
Because God is Love.
Because the Holy one makes it so.

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