In Front of You?

“Everyday a choice is made. Everyday I choose my fate.” ~Switchfoot

~In Front of You~

Emotions fly like the birds in the sky.
Running and jumping spreading wings and denying once or twice.
Prayers thrown up and caught not being allowed to make it to Heaven.
Emotions that fly, where faith has been replaced by human desire. 
What do you do when a furnace is placed in front of you?
Will your emotions save you?
When the fire melts and burns you. 
Even before you are pushed in. 
The compromise will come.
The time to choose what you truly believe. 
Is it the testimony of Christ?
Or will it be the compromise that took your soul by surprise. 
Truth is not always popular.
It is usually in direct defiance to the norms of the world.
Truth is set before our eyes like glasses to help us see.
Truth is a fire that is more powerful than any furnace placed by men. 
This furnace can be used by the maker.
It can be used to destroy the ties binding your hands. 

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