“We want the truth, give us the absolute. We need your help, ’cause we’ve got nothing left to lose. I know we’ve tried this thing a million times, but put me out ’cause I’m on fire.”

                                                                                                                     ~Thousand Foot Krutch


We are to live accordance to an absolute.
An absolute defined by commandments.
An absolute created out of love.
We will live and obey, the absolute defined by my Savior.
There is a forest that grows at an alarming pace.
Weeds, thorns,and vines.
This is the forest known as life.
A place where all our troubles grow and grow.
Yet we have a hope that one day we can make it through.
To walk free and make it to the forest’s edge.
The edge to the other side.
An absolute in accordance to truth, hope, and love.
We need to obey Love not men.
We must obey faith in the truth, rather than a speculation made from mortals mouths.
To hold onto the one we killed.
To accept the plan that is chosen everyday.
Running into truths.
Running from truths.
Retreating from the dance.
No, let’s retreat into the hands who created the song and the dance.
To be new and believe. 
To cast aside doubt.
To let the pain fuel our Hope.
To let Love in and to stick to the absolute.
The absolute that the world does not accept.
For the world does not like being told what to do.
They must do it.
They must be the ones to tread these lands.
I choose to be more than what this world has told me to be.
I choose to have a guiding hand.
I choose to trust in Love’s
I choose to obey in the One who gave it all.



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