It is Going to Be Okay

“The Devil will proudly pay your way to Hell.”

                                       ~Pastor Kenneth Martin

It is Going to Be Okay

The world is alone.
It is alone in the dark.
Discovered and created in light.
But now tarnished and washed over by onyx and shadows.
The powers that be, and the governments are bathed in dark.
People revel in the black and their hope is in themselves.
They do not see the small light in the distance.
The one that will become brighter the more you pray and believe.
History is being manipulated.
Prayer is being forced out.
Prayer comes back during a crisis, but dies with the passing of time.
History is what the media makes it, not what has happened.
Do not be deceived.
That light can still be obtained.
Even when you have been taken away.
Even when the society makes this soil look better than the Lords.
Faith is not always convenient.
Faith will put you at odds with this soil.
We do not belong on this land.,
We are living as immigrants tilling this land until we are brought home.
Absolutes are poison to the ears of this world.
God is not relative, He is absolute.
Commandments are meant to be followed.
Commandments are meant to be obeyed and not taken as a suggestion.
One step closer to the end.
Once step closer to understanding why we hope in spite of the pain.
One step closer to finding out why we pray.
One step closer to the healing call.
This world is alone.
It is bleak in its pleasures.
Do not be deceived by what they say you need.
This world is lonely.
And it is okay when you understand your family is in the Lord.
And it is in others who love Him . . . like me. 

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