Will I See You on the Other Side?

And a God of redemption could break our routine.


Will I See You on the Other Side?

Two ways are laid in front of people. 
One is the way of righteousness.
One is the way of wickedness.
A gray light, a gray dark does not exist. 
Is it possible to be happy?
Is joy a myth?
Are blessings ever worth the fight?
Are blessings created by actions and choices?
The lasting moments of happiness begin with a choice.
A choice to dive into fire turning into water. 
To leap instead of doing nothing.
Learning to wait when immediate action will cause strife. 
Do we choose to sleep instead of think.
Do we include their ways into ours,
Or do we influence our ways into theirs. 
An attack from the left, and the right.
Deceptive pleasure that can seep into the marrow of our bones. 
Laughing at words that once disgusted the soul.
A compromise that should never be made. 
We must use the fire to burn it, and the water to wash it away. 
Something has been present since this world began. 
It is what the law of the universe has been based on.
It is also what can save your soul.
The beginning the end, the alpha and omega.
A word that has always been there.
A choice to accept it.
A word that is both fire and water.
The word that turns seeds into trees. 
When the heart is not in it.
When the mind over thinks.
That is when the seed dies.
That is when the roots refuse to grow deep.
But when it works there are defining characteristics.
Everyone knows what they are by the fruit on its branches.
The flowers that sprout.
The undying nature of worship versus pride.
There are defining choices in our world.
Do you choose a life that has an end that is not defended?
Or do you choose the life that gives us a defense?
A life built by fire and by water.
The wicked may seem like they are winning in this life.
They may seem joyous.
Do not be deceived. 
For in the end the choice they have made will lead them to a place not filled with love, faith, and happiness. 
This can be a sad tale.
Or it can be good.
It is well with my soul.
When I burn for Love and swim in Hope.
Go and choose.
This life or another.
Go and choose. 
And I hope to see you on the other side. 

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