What is Christmas?

I Celebrate the Day ~Relient K

~What is Christmas?~

The Word that comes down to penetrate hearts. 
The Word that became flesh for you and for me. 
To be more than a man.  
To be more than God.

The creator that became both. 
For you. 
For us. 
The creator, the word, our Savior, the child born. 

Why would someone be born to die? 
Is it not because they love us? 
Why would the creator become fully man? 
Is it not because we are his children?

There is hope on the inside. 
There is hope when you turn your eyes to the true outside. 
The heavenly hosts celebrate when we believe. 
When hope is strong and the fear of God purifies all of you and me. 

Sanctified and filled. 
Sanctified and set apart. 
Sanctified to be closer to the fear of our Savior. 
Sanctification as a gift to save us from our sins. 

We do this in preparation for the day when death is washed away. 
When every tear is dried up. 
When pain is taken away. 
We do this for the Alpha and the Omega.  

For His true water that always quenches thirst.
For Christmas is more than the presents. 
It is more than the tree. 
Christmas is a promise from God. 
It is a time to celebrate the true gift that He gave us, when He was born to die for you and for me.
When He was born to bring life to those who were wishing to flee.  

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