Never Give Up

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never Give Up

The world is not on your side.
It wants you to fail.  
The world is against you.
It wants you to fall.  
This place throws rocks at you when you try and do what you were meant to do.
You can be beaten and scarred.
The ship that never makes it to shore.
The plane the doesn’t find land. 
Downtrodden and beaten down.
Unable to sleep.
Unable to have a descent meal.
Broken,  hurt,  and seeing visions of wood and blood. 
The next section is one of a man who is down.
A man who is trying not to give up.
One who is searching for it.
For what? For truth. 
Where are you God when nothing is going right?
Where are you when the fire licks up.
When the earth splits open and swallows me.
And I fall not seeing where the bottom is.  
God what happens when I point a gun at your head?
What happens when I turn it on myself?
When nothing seems to be going right,
And the world looks sweeter than you? 
You tell me that you love me.
And that love is sufficient. 
I wonder what would happen if I truly let you in?
If I listened and responded instead of hearing and ignoring?
I have this to tell you sir…
Never give up.
Fight for God
Fight for your right to choose love instead of hate. 
The world will not win when this life ends. 
Pain makes you stronger.
The hurt is used to strengthen the resolve of Love.
Suffering is what it takes to fight and to win. 
Never give up on life. 
Endure and create your character.
When you are at the end of your rope,
Get your eyes off of this world and put your eyes on God. 
For this world is doing you no favors. 
Never give up.
Hope can come from the pain.
Hope is what comes from suffering, and that pain brings love as you endure and reap what is sown.
Never give up. 
Let Love win.
Never give up.
Fight for your right to never back down. 

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