Lifting Spirit (Poem From High School)

Lifting Spirit

Let’s look past our differences on the gates of imperfection. 
Let’s hold hands to face what may come next. 
Forever light will shine, a glimmer and a shine through strong eyes. 
Seeing is not believing, but faith will bring us through.

Into hard times, 
And into good we all face. 
With my love failing sometimes. 
But I’ll be crawling back in due time.

Sometimes I’m looking for a back door to escape the pressures of this world. 
I should know by now that your unfailing love will see me through. 
Open mouth but no sound is coming. 

Show me your power and authority.
No time can tell the coming of our Lord. 
So I’ll wait.

You’re looking down on me seeing me make my mistakes. 
You’re looking down on me seeing me do your will. 
I’m standing then falling to my knees as I cry out and say I love 

As I lift up my hands to worship. 
Now thanks and take, God thanks and takes me.
I love you, God I love you.

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