Forest of Green (Poem From High School)

Forest of Green

In a forest of green the only color standing out, dominating each part. 
No blue, no red, greenis all you see. 
Forward-moving makes it seem you only need you.
Know though green is not all. 

Look for the colors of beauty in things.
Don’t dull out your life for false inhibitions. 
Don’t dull your life for every wonderful looking someone. 
In a forest of green your eyes are closed, your eyes can’t open. 

Nothing is right. 
Nothing will ever be the way you want it to be.
During these times believe in more than the green of wealth. 
Let loose your soul to see many colors this world has to offer. 

In a forest of green your eyes will bleed out for comfort, 
But none will come.

You’re lying on the ground with a lie at hand waiting to explode.
Out of proportion it will stretch seeming like nothing. 
But being everything in a forest of green, what will unfold? 
Diving deep in a sea of that color.

Death comes in all your lies you told. 
You’ll die alone in an aftermath you could change your eyelids soon enough.
In a forest of green there is still a chance to see more colors. 
The creatures can be gold or white. Embrace the colors of your life. 
Why don’t you embrace the colors of you life?

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