The Comfort of Anxiety

 “Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.”
                                                                         ~ Plato

~ The Comfort of Anxiety ~

If I saw the maker face to face what would I ask?
Would I fall at His feet?
What desire or need would I ask on bent knee?
Would I ask anything at all? 
On my back I carry many things.
I carry the insecurities that I call strength.
I carry my doubt.
I carry my mind and my heart as they battle for top billing on my back. 
If I saw the maker what would I be willing to give to Him?
What confession would I give Him to help lighten the load?
Would I give Him anything?
For if I gave Him something would I miss it? 
Would I miss the comfort of my anxiety?
Would I cry over my depression?
Are my wounds friends that I wear proudly?
Am I a blind man begging to see.  
I have denied more than three times.
It was at least four or five.
I have inflicted more lashes on your back than forty.
I have put you to death despite of grace.  
I have crucified you more times than I can count. 
So if I was before you what would I do?
I hope that I would thank you.
I hope that I would let you take the bags I have placed on my back. 
What if I saw the maker face to face?
What if I was actually courageous?
What if I was not afraid to see?
Would I let you take the fear right out of me?

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