“Sing with your head up, with your eyes closed. Not because you love the song because you love to sing.”                                                                                                           ~Copeland

Nighttime escapades down at the local bar. 
Every night the same story the same tune.
Singing for all the wrong reasons.
Because she doesn’t know what she should be singing for.
Desires to run free from the pain.
Desires to be truly known by another.
Tears that fall once she arrives home.
For her home is not her home and her song is not her song.
A man leaves a trisk in the night of hotel lives.
Every night the same story the same tune
Looking for happiness instead of joy.
Because he doesn’t know that joy is what he is looking for. 
Desires to be free.
Desires to understand the plea.
Tears fall once he arrives home.
For his home is not his home and his song is not his song.
Two legs to stand on.
One mouth and one tongue to speak.
One heart and mind to reason and lie.
Two ears to place the world where you think it should be.
Desires to run free from pain.
Desires to be free.
Tears that fall once you are alone.
Because you don’t know where your strength can come from.
Hitting the floor and looking for a way out.
The hurt that fakes its own death.
Trying to persuade you into deeper darker things.
When all you truly need to do is sing.
Looking for a song to replace the hurt.
Looking for a voice to use when downtrodden is your heart.
Taking a step forward and not taking one back.
This world is not fair so sing a song back.

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