Silent Men

“I found a love in me I always knew that existed. It just needed to be set free.” 
                                                                                          ~Relient K
~Silent Men~
Silent men coming into view.
Clasping to breath to hear.
Clenching fists and closing eyes.
Anger deployed towards those who may or may not deserve it.
Crushing blows and bloodied fists.
Scorn laden on your face.
Condemning yourself for your actions.
Beautiful agony on display. 
Planned suffering.
Planned ordinance.
Trusting in blood.
Trusting in the sorrow for sorrow. 
Cuts on your fists.
Blood from another.
Walking back to where you were.
Men besting themselves and others.
Basins laid out for the washing of hands.
Water poured out to clean dusty feet.
Mistaken thoughts and words during a journey being made worse.
Are you allowed to start fresh? 
Silent men coming into view. 
And they wish to start brand new.
Guilty yet forgiven. 
Cuts and bruises are nothing compared to blood and wine.
With the old of new coming back to save and wash away. 

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