The World’s gods Before Me

Almost every time we tell a lie it is fear based.
                                     ~Jeremy Rapp

~The World’s gods Before Me~

Who among us deserves life everlasting?
How many of us do enough good to become a sinless answer?
Can we be perfect, so that out lives can mean something?
Who among us deserves to be forgiven?
I deserve to be blind for three days.
I deserve to be blinded for longer.
I deserve to be crucified once.
I deserve to be crucified twice.
Who among us has the answers?
How many men have come up with a sinful answer?
Can we enter into the gates with someone else?
Who among us deserves gold and a helping hand?
I deserve to be shipwrecked.
I deserve to drown in the fears of men.
I deserve to go hungry.
I deserve for God to not get me through. 
The Maker puts us into situations that are hard.
The Master puts us into places that are unclean.
He has us destroy the semblance of a comfort zone.
Before we go out into our days.
Is it not amazing He speaks to is at all?
Is it not incredible that He guides us?
He puts into these situations yet He stays near.
I don’t even deserve that.
There is a way for me to enter into the gate.
And it is not living in the middle gray.
It is to cast aside all of my firsts.
And replace it with God first.
Do I take the gifts given to me and use them for Love?
Or do I take them and spit in the face of the one who blessed me?
Do I put anything above the Maker?
Or do I rely on Love more than anything else?
Who among us deserves eternal life?
Well no one really. 
Who among us deserves to be forgiven?
Not a single man or woman.
But you know what?
Faith in our creator can give us eternity.
Listening to the call will forgive us.
His grace is enough to set his people free. 
I don’t deserve anything.
I don’t deserve to be living. 
But I have breath because I believe.
And I will continue to live if I can cast aside this world’s gods for the one who made me. 

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