What is In-Between?

“I am the war inside,. I am the battle line. I am the rising tide. I am the more I fight, eyes open, open wide. I can feel like I’m the crack in my spine. I can feel like the back of my mind. I am the war inside.”

~What is In-Between?~

Down on my knees I pray.
Forward thinking in recovery kneeling.
A brightness in a black room I was thinking.
On my knees I decide to pray.
Will I continue until the end beginning?
Will I pray and feel grace and mercy,
On a day of hurt,
On a day of pain?
In these days when anxiousness takes over the mind.
When my worry blocks out my words.
While I am trying to be what I need to be.
When I am trying to live life and pray.
I am a flawed masterpiece.
I am a man who finds comfort in the rain.
Looking forward to the day I no longer fear to pray.
Looking for peace in a mind that sees magic as faith.
I want to be able to close my eyes and pray for more than just me.
To see the needs around.
To go forward in love in a world far from me,
To pray not as a checklist, but a relationship that feeds.
Can we hold onto the vines that come down from glory?
Can we depend on Love instead of ourselves?
Can we climb up high and experience a fall,
So that we can seek and climb once more?
Hope for more than your own desires.
Pray and believe that Love is listening. 
For Love answers in one way or another. 
And the answers will make us stronger.
Faith is above and below.
It is the sky and the dirt.
Fear does not belong in the in-between.
When I look up and see the glory, the in-between falls down.
And I do as well, to my knees and then I begin to pray. 

One thought on “What is In-Between?

  1. We started a study on prayer yesterday. The quote in the book, Fervent, at the beginning-Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not-Aragon in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Great poem and timing.


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