Time to Look Up

~Time to Look Up~

A Kingdom has and will come down.
White and dipped in blood it will come.
Healing that goes deeper than whatever came before.
With music that calls the dead and awakens them through the mouth of a King.

For the invisible Kingdom is here with us now.
But there is another on its way.
A physical one for all to see.
What do we do while we wait?

We wait and use the sky to see the Lord.
We wait and Love all who wander on our paths.
We wait and Love those who do not wander in our way.
We wait and live lives on purpose, in urgency, for love, as we pray.

Fear is not from Love.
So cast is aside and look into the sky.
We will know when it happens.
We will know the glory of the stars.

The world must die before it can be saved.
My life died before I lived.
I live for an end, not the beginning of me.
For the end is the new beginning for those who believe.

Because of this we need urgency.
We need to show Love.
We need Grace and Mercy.
The King of the stars died, so I could die and break clean.

Something is not right here.
Something is not adding up.
The place where we live has something missing.
The place where we live thinks forward thinking is equality.

They would rather have pleasure than hear the Word of the Stars.
They would rather feel good than feel what real love is.
They would rather live in false hope than have a rock under their feet.
I would rather have euphoria with my King.

Did you see it?
Did you see the love?
Did you see the blood poured out?
Did you see the eminence of a world where we belong?

Was your eyes open,
Or did you close them because you would rather love flesh than eternity?
Was your eyes open,
Or did you not look up and see the wonder of signs sent into our sea?

People look up and ignore it.
People look down and plant seeds in the weeds.
People hear a warning and look the other way.
Only to believe when they see the rain and run to an Ark when it it too late.

Do not worry about your things.
Do not look back and become nothing.
For your fleshly goods will pass away.
But your soul will live on in one place or another.

If you have everything this world has to offer and do not have a soul,then your life is nothing.
I would rather love and know the Maker then get off with endless women, men and money.
For when the physical Kingdom comes,
I won’t be dashed away.


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