Unashamed Faith and a Fall

“Maybe my faith is found inside a seed. Maybe faith is found inside of me. Mostly I feel like I’m lost at sea. I believe, Lord help my unbelief. I believe you could move this mountain of mine.”
                                                                                         ~Jon Foreman

~Unashamed Faith and a Fall~

There are so many rocks stacking up in front of me.
I guess I will climb.
The panic takes my breath.
And I look down to see if anyone is below who will catch me if I continue to climb. 
The struggle can be real
And the struggle can make you  better man.
I wish to be in the struggle, so that I have something to overcome.
I wish to be in the struggle, so that I can fall and climb back up again. 
I am a man who likes to fall.
For every time I fall I learn how to live.
I wish to be like a Paul, a serial killer turned gold. 
I have no desire for the easy way, but for the way where I am unashamed. 
I know a man who is better than me in every way.
He emptied a Holy body to be flesh like me.
Good news was written,
And today his death is the dynamite that can move the mountain I climb. 
I cannot save,
I cannot heal a wound that is deeper than the mind.
I can only teach and hope,
I can only be a man who will learn to pray.
Salvation is a rescue and this rescue is saving from wrath.
The wrath of true love.
A rescue from what I want in my body.
And a guide that shows me what my body really needs. 
I cannot do enough good and find Heaven.
I need a process, an action, a movement of doing, a little thing called faith.
For good works will come with faith.
And anything else is a curse.
We do not earn salvation.
It comes through faith.
Faith keeps me climbing.
And faith keeps me loving.
I seek to climb.
To know that when I fall someone is there to catch me.
I seek to see the mountain and ask it to move.
To blow up expectations and fear the truth. 

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