A Sense of Urgency

“Saved people this side of Heaven owe the gospel to lost people this side of Hell.”

                                                                             ~David Platt

~A Sense of Urgency~

What is inside of our souls?
The eyes of the world are opened or closed to the souls populating the streets.
The kingdom is inside for those that trust in the One.
And it will remain inside until the return of the Son.

We as a kingdom stand so still.

We have the glory yet we do not tell.
We have no sense of urgency,
When forever is beginning now.

Conviction is in us all.

The kingdom rings inside of souls.
Conviction is love.
And we must delve closer to the truth.

Home is the place that we must strive for.

A home of a kingdom coming down.
This world that is in me needs to be projected inside to the outside.
And not kept as a secret for none to find out.

I have ran for many years just to find,

That what I was looking for was inside.
The power of a savior that can make a mountain bow.
The power of His Love to help go out and tell.

I strive for peace and I want that peace on Earth.

It will come one day if you are ready,
But not all will stay.
Many will perish and never see the light of day.

Wolves will be with lambs.

And tigers will let me near.
The threat of an effect will not come.
For peace on Earth begins when you let in the Son.

Children will play in the streets and have no fear.

Fear will be taken out of the picture.
The mystery of a man who loves so much.
Even when his people hurt him everyday. 

True love was out poured freely by a death.

The suffering that was out poured was a gift.
Our own suffering integrates gifts into actions.
And pain creates strength to go out and become what we were meant to be.

Our greatest is our greatest.

And that comes from a wooden death.
A wooden death that created our salvation.
And yet, so many of us sit and refuse to have any sense of urgency to share. 

We dance and we sing in acknowledgment.

Acknowledgement to the love, grace, and punishment laid out for us.
Laid out for us by the Creator of the world.
And that gift is what makes life worth it. 

Forever can and should start now.

My eyes should be open, even when the truth burns them.
For truth is what I have to share.
And truth should not be bottled up for the few.
It needs to be shown and told to those that do not understand what hope truly is. 


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