Fate is a Choice

Fate is a Choice

“Every day a choice is made. Every day I choose my fate.”
                                                                      ~Jon Foreman

~Fate is a Choice~

It is terrible to think that you might not be coming home.
It is a horrible thing to entertain that the road is left so cold.
I watch you walk out that door and I find that it hurts more and more.
Because I have no guarantee that you will be coming back me.

The dirt road has its toil.
The pavement can be cracked.
 My heart has no choice in the matter.
Which type of ground through which you track.

Each day is a new day.
And each day is a new road.
To trust is to know that on that road it is known to go.
It is known to be the one you choose when your eyes open and you see the moon or the sun.

It is terrible to think that the love you gave me may come to nothing.
It is horrible to think that breaking up is not the last goodbye.
I watch you walk out that door and I wonder what other doors you are looking for.
Because I have a door in which you might visit no more.

Is this about a death or break up?
Is it about more than what we have heard?
Is it about the pavement of some back road?
Or is it meant for you to think that life can come even when the pain brings the rain.

These cliches are meant to inspire.
And heartache is meant to show you that the heart can be a liar.
Your head can produce no desire.
Until you look to the sky and realize that we are but a point in the existence unless we look harder.

This is being written to show that not everything has to be a failure.
Even when they walk out that door.
This is being written as a love letter.
To yourself and not to another.

A story that is unfolding right in front of your eyes.
Maybe about a girl who just stole your soul.
Maybe a death of a loved one that has sparked feelings old.
Or maybe an experience of a lifetime that has distributed joy to your soul that you thought was cold.

It is terrible to think that you are never coming back.
It is horrible to realize that feelings mean nothing.
For what counts is truth even when you feel like it is for nothing.
For what counts is a combination of events that fuel more than a fire.

Life is but a road that is chosen every day.
Fate is a choice made by the mind of the heart in each person alive.
Love is more than feelings of attraction and desire.
And the end is but the beginning to all who look for more than air in the sky.


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