Do Not Shy Away

~Do Not Shy Away~

Who is my maker?
Who can satisfy my soul?
Who can answer my call?

What brings true love? 
What makes me sing?
What takes my fear today?

Do not shy away from questions.
Do not stop your speech.
Let your voice be heard over and over again.

I am learning how to be saved. 
I am learning about love.
I am learning to never let go of dreams.

I want to take into account loss.
The pain targeted at my spirit and flesh.
I want to take into account One.
And the One who helps me learn to use pain to break clean.

Only One has arms that continue to be wide open.
The maker is the One who makes the blind see.
I run into Him when I have no way.
I run to His arms when things are going right.

By my hands I cannot save.
Only the beginning and the end can.
By my hands I cannot heal.
Only the Maker can take back death.

Right next to me He stands.
Right next to you He is there.
Our Savior became like us.
To get holes in His hands that can be shown to Thomas’s like you and me.

How happy are we?
How joyous can we be?
To dance a dance.
To sing a song to sing.

Who is my maker?
What other questions can be asked?
Who was born to us as us?

My Maker is Love.
My Maker is the One.
The One who guides me on land and sea.
My Creator has no equal.
He is my light that let’s me be free. 


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