The Lie of Being Outside

“On the eve of a day that’s forgotten and fake, and the trees they await and clouds anticipate, the start of a day when we put on our face. A mask that portrays that we don’t need grace. On the eve of a day that is bigger than us, but we open our eyes ’cause we’re told that we must.”

~The Lie of Being Outside~
When I look out my window I see many things.
I see the grass green and growing.
And it is growing even if I cannot see a physical change in that moment.
When I look out my window I see many things.
I see the sky,
I see the wind even though I am told it is impossible.
I see the waves of sound emanating from every living and non living thing.
I even can see me, standing and walking away from the man inside the house.
This outside is an illusion it is a place devoid of truth.
The inside is what tells the stories.
And the more we go inside,
The more we will find.
That window in front of me is no doorway to a better place.
There is no greener field of flowers over the hill.
There is no peace in a tree.
The tree is there to support a noose.
A noose that hangs every lie being told to children around the world.
That outside is a place where dreams come true.
The broad and the terrible will not bring truth.
It brings sorrow that you can not learn from.
On the inside is where the grass grows.
It is where the seeds take root and becomes what they were made to be.
The inside is the outside for those that believe.
We see the world for what it is and it is a mixed bag of folly.
We were not meant to be of this world.
Our home and destination burns brighter than any sun this universe has to offer. 
The promise of a life without pain.
The promise to be free.
Outside of His arms is a place I do not wish to be.
For inside I am more than free.
I am alive, and being alive makes my eyes see.
I am alive and I wish to dance not for me.
Do not be fooled by the outside.
Look and know that truth comes from the inside.
The inside of arms that were scarred.
Inside of arms that died to set you and me free. 

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