Staring at the Sun

“I took the fire escape and made it out alive. Yeah, I still burn from time to time, but I’ve a healing hand against my side.”
                                                            ~Relient K

~Staring at the Sun~

To start the day forgiving the sun for not coming up yet.
And at night forgiving it for going away. 
Listening to the light of the day.
And asking for it to stay.  
Hearts are bound inside prisons.
That are sunk below the sea.
Hearts deserve to be set free. 
Even when they must forgive thee.
Looking for dreams to interpret.
Looking for a way to forgive. 
Being scared as life keeps crashing down.
And instead of doubting,  believing that forgiveness will come.  
All the wrongdoings brought before.
Must be forgiven if you are to stand tall.
Not to be better than them.
But to do good by the maker. 
Taking love and giving it away.
 Who do I give it to?
Taking my heart and giving it away.
Who do I bring it to?
Seventy times a day I fail.
Seventy times a day I lie.
Times that by seven equals how much my heart crumbles.
Times that by seven and that is how much flesh I was given to squander. 
But I do not wish these things to be in me or others.
I want to be strong.
I want to love.
I want more than the dark in my eyes. 
Wish the best to those who wronged you.
Do not seek evil or revenge against them.
But weep when they are hurt, and do not be pleased when they fall.
To make things right if possible, and come to them if they need help. 
Looking up to the sky I see the sun staring down.
It makes me clean yet my eyes still burn. 
Taking the pain and staying true to the teachings of love.
To use the sun that I see to forgive the sin against me just as I was forgiven for sinning against you.

For inside your arms you forgave us.
Even if we have no reason to be forgiven.
For inside your abundance I was made clean.
Even if my life has been dirty.

For the dirt can be washed away.
And love can be the water.
Rain fall and help me forgive.
Help me forgive the wrongdoers and love despite the pain. 


One thought on “Staring at the Sun

  1. Sounds like some issues I am dealing with for some time. “I want more than dark in my eyes.” “For inside your arms you forgave us.” These lines are the few that express how I am feeling.


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